Monday, November 8, 2010

Christmas Drawing

$20 limit.

Emily BUYS FOR Danny.
Johnny BUYS FOR Cory.
Brady BUYS FOR Shanna.
Shawnee BUYS FOR Casey.
Cory BUYS FOR Emily.
Tami BUYS FOR Brady.
Nick BUYS FOR Andy.
Natalie BUYS FOR Nick.
Casey BUYS FOR Johnny.
Andy BUYS FOR Tami.
McKenzie BUYS FOR Natalie.
Danny BUYS FOR McKenzie.
Shanna BUYS FOR Shawnee.

We excluded the parents and the kids... No one is expected to get the kids a gift. Everyone is expected to give the parents a gift.

Johnny and Emily will have their gifts sent here by Christmas. If you have Johnny or Emily, you can have your gift shipped there or you can mail it. Cory should be here for Christmas??? if not, then the same thing goes for Cory. Shipping should be included in the $20 limit.