Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Brother Azbache Laid to Rest

Brother Azabache Laid to Rest

This morning Wayne and I went to Parque Eterno, the cemetery next to the temple.  It is a very well kept and beautiful spot for a friend Brother Azabache to be laid to rest.

We waited there for the funeral procession to arrive from the chapel in Salaverry.

The place for the burial was back in the far North West area of the cemetery through the big cement  arch gateway.  There was a big group of friends and members of the church there waiting.  

The funeral procession arrived and drove up to the area where the big cement gateway is.  Several people were waiting there to walk to the burial spot behind the casket.  Sister Alva was one of them.  The pallbearers carried the casket on their shoulders.  Brother Azabache's three daughters walked along the side holding wide gold ribbons that were attached to the casket.  It was pretty neat. 

As they walked to the burial spot, the congregation started singing I Know That My Redeemer Lives.  It was very touching. 

Both of Brother Azabache's sons spoke.  George, the oldest, he spoke first then his son who is the Bishop of the Mansarrat ward spoke.   

The congregation then sang several more Hymns as the cemetery workers did their job.  

They  lowered the casket into the ground, made a cement paste to seal it, then they used shovels to fill in the grave with dirt.   John Paul, the oldest grandson was the first on to take the shovel from the worker and helped.  I think it was a way to honor his grandpa.  Several others joined until the grave was filled in.  

It didn't take long before the grave was filled in and covered with grass.  The head stone and flowers on top.  

Wayne with the grandsons including John Paul and John Pier.

Brother Azabache was a wonderful man.  We will always remember him as our friend from the temple, always happy, and willing to serve.  It is only fitting for him to be buried next to the beautiful Trujillo Temple, a sacred place he loved.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Brother Azabache

This morning at Stake Conference, we sat by Brother Pretel,.  He was the Esperanza Stake President before President Bravo.  He is one of the coordinators for the men in the temple. During the meeting, Brother Pretel tapped Wayne on the leg and handed him his cell phone.  This picture was on it.  Someone had sent him a message to let him know Brother Azabache passed away this morning.  

We love Brother and Sister Azabache!  They are wonderful members of the church.  When we first met them at the temple, they came through the temple doors with happy faces saying Buenos Dias!  So happy to be there and to see us. 

We last saw Brother ans Sister Azabache at the Laureles Stake Conference 3 weeks ago.   

Tonight we went to a devotional for him at the Salaverry chapel.  It was kind of like a funeral, they called it a devotional.  There were a lot of people there to show their love and support for the family.  All 5 of their children were there.  The oldest son was a here from Boca Raton Florida, their twin daughters who live in Salaverry, their daughter Patti, was here from Argentina, and their youngest son who is the Bishop of the Monsarrat ward here in Trujillo. The family have all been together for about a week so they had some time together.

I was impressed with the many friends that were there.  The chapel was full, they had chairs out in the entrance and down the halls.  Several people were standing looking in the windows to be a part of the devotion for Brother Azabache, a wonderful man!

John Paul and John Pier Brothers and Grandsons of Brother Azabache
This picture was taken 3 weeks ago.

On Tuesday Brother Azabache will be buried at Parque Eterno Cemetary, next to the temple.  We will be there to show our love and support for this great family!

Frozen Fog * Nachos * La Esperanza Stake Conference


Brady sent this picture of the frozen fog on the trees.  I love the trees when they look like this. 

Saturday morning we opened the temple at 6:45.  It was fun to see the Saturday morning temple workers.  None of the temple missionaries work the Saturday morning shift.  We go early to open the temple up, then at 8:30 am we go home and have the morning to ourselves.  We go back at about 1:30 pm for the afternoon shift.  

The temple missionaries have also been helping Saturday mornings with the laundry from the Alberge. There get to be a lot of sheets and towels when a lot of people stay here.  We iron the flat sheets and pillow cases and we fold the towels.  Saturday was my turn so I did that from 10:00 am until about 11:00 am.  

Saturday afternoon when we went to eat lunch in at the comedor, the line was very long, so we walked to Chili's for lunch.  I had the Saturday special, Grilled Chicken Salad and Wayne had Nachos.  It was nice.

Wayne loves Nachos and has wanted some for a year and a half.  They were good!

La Esperanza Stake Conference

This morning we went to the La Esperanza Stake Conference with President and Sister Casos.  It was a wonderful meeting!  There were a lot of people we see in the temple and a lot of temple workers in this stake.  It is always so fun to see them.  We are always received with hugs and warm greeting.

The members

President and Sister Casos with president and Sister Marble
Sister Leon is there in the middle.

Brother Ponciano led the choir and they were great.

President Bravo, the Stake president, not a very good picture either

Sister Carre with her daughters.  Her oldest daughter Ashley is on a mission

These pictures I took on the way home from the conference.

We see these snow cone places wherever we go.  Inside the rainbow colored cooler they have ground up ice.  They put it in a cup like a snow cone and put fruit flavoring over the top of it.  they look refreshing, but we've never tired one.

Another Sunday finished.  Tomorrow starts a new week! 
 According to Wayne we only have 23 left.
Oh MY!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Snowy Utah * Summer In Trujillo * Dinner with Temple Workers * Missionaries

Snowy Utah

It has been a very snowy winter season in Utah!  We hear about no school days and late start school days because of so much snow.  This is a picture Bill and Sandy sent us showing all the snow they have in Logan.  It looks cold but so beautiful.  It's good for the water this summer I suppose.

Bill and Sandy's house
Our House on Christmas
Our front porch on Christmas

Summer In Trujillo

 We really do miss the snow and the cold back home.  The weather here is always beautiful.  It's Summer right now so it's warm and sunny.  This morning the gardeners are planting new Geraniums.

Mowing and getting the temple grounds ready for another week.

Dinner with Temple Workers

Some of the Saturday night temple workers wanted to go with us to Chili's to have Chicken Fired Chicken.  None of them could go in the afternoon, so we went Monday night. 

Me - Wayne - Joseph Pezsantes - Jazmin Saldania - Peter Ripple - Debbie Ripple -  Shayla Torres - ? - Antony's Brother

Peter and Debbie

Joseph and Jazmin-  They are getting married in Dec. 2017

Me and Wayne

Shayla Torres and ?? They are just friends

Antony's brother.
We really had a good time with these young kids.  It was fun to think they wanted to do something with us.

Tuesday morning, the last 2 zones of missionaries came to the temple.  We worked the afternoon shift so we didn't see them in the temple but saw a lot of them waiting for lunch in the comedor.

The days keep going by quickly!