Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Craft/LAN Night

Hey July is almost over.... and we still haven't had a party. So since no one else is taking the initiative I will. When should we have the next party. I think July is too far gone to squeeze one in. What about August? I have scout camp the 11th - 15th and we have an open house for Shawnee's grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary on the 16th. I also would prefer not to do it the 8th since I have to ride the ULCER (Utah Lake Century Ride) on the 9th. How about the 22nd or 23? Or the 1st or 2nd? What do you all think?

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Lagoon Fireworks

Danny, this is Wayne. (I used Tami's blog)

Here are some fireworks for you.


4th of July Pictures

Everyone, I made a new post about our fourth of July fun, but when I was all done and Dad was asking me about it, I realized that I had posted it on my personal blog. No harm done, just go check it out. Sorry!