Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sunday In Hooper and Llamas!

Sunday in Hooper!

We were happy to be able to go to our home Muskrat Springs Ward.  So nice to be with family and to see so many Ward members.  It felt good.

I made lunch, it was nice to be able to cook for a bunch instead of just for two. I made Roast Beef with potatoes and gravy.  It was yummy!

We cleaned up after lunch and all of the kids came for Sunday. We did the birthdays for July, I made lasagna, salad, and rolls.  I thought it was good.  We gave all the kids a llama and a chocolate bar for a little souvenir.  It was fun!

We gave Ronola a llama bell, a llama and some chocolate.  We had a good evening with my favorite people!  I love them all so very much and am so happy we could all be together for just a few hours that Sunday night.  It Kent a lot to me.  We are so blessed!

Sunday was also Ruth Dawson's 90th  birthday party. They had a celebration at her house.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

7/30/2016 Haws Party


We had a fun Haws Party with all of the Haws brothers, Kenny, Greg, Wayne, and Alan. Why didn't I get a picture?

Darlene seemed to be in charge of the food. Debi had knee replacements on both of her knees, so she has been miserable and we just got home, so Darlene did a great job arranging and having a great meal.  The party was at our house so the boys set up the chairs and tables and we used our new Peruvian table cloths. It looked festive.

We had sloppy joes just like I remember as a kid and hot dogs, salads, chips, pickles, cheese, olives, watermelon, cantaloupe, and more. It was delicious!  We visited and reminisced with everybody.  Greg took the kids for golf cart rides and that was fun.   Debi was brave and came even though it was hard for her.  It was also nice to see and visit with Alan and Leslie too.  I didn't get many pictures but I got a few.  It was a great evening! 

It was so good to see everybody and we missed those who couldn't be there.  
I think Barrett and Marie would be proud of everyone. 

7/30/2016 Water Party for Finley

Saturday morning, Wayne went golfing with his brothers.
Saturday afternoon Brady and Shawnee did a water party for Finley’s 3rd birthday. 



We had fun getting wet, we some more than others.

Friday, July 29, 2016

7/29/2016 Wedding Reception

Friday night we went to Logan for a wedding reception of Nicole Fronk, she worked for Wayne.  We were tending Natalie’s kids so we took Jack with us and the big kids stayed with Tami and Nick.  After the reception we drove to Bill and Sandy Hartman's house which was just up the street from the reception.  We face timed with the Hartman's and had fun seeing their place through the internet.  Just as we were leaving, their neighbor pulled in her garage.  Wayne went over to talk to her, we had a good visit and face timed again with the Hartman's  as we were getting ready to leave, the neighbor, Deanna mentioned she was from Preston Idaho,  Wayne then asked if she knew his aunt Vilate, as soon as he said Vilate, she finished, "Weaver" and then told us Cheri who is Wayne's cousin was her best friend, she and Cheri were going to go to California after they graduated to school to be flight attendants,but Cheri passed away two weeks before they graduated.  Deanna said she just got home from her  60th year class reunion, she went to her car and had this poster of Cheri.  What a sweet blessing to make that connection to our friend the Hartman's neighbor.  

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Happy Birthday Finley * Finaly Home in Utah!

July 28, 2016

Home in Utah!

Happy 3rd Birthday Finley!
We Love You!

We arrived on schedule and were so happy to see the beautiful mountains as we flew in.  Tami and Natalie were there with their kids and signs waiting as we came down the escalator.    It was so nice to be in the USA and in Utah!

We collected our luggage, I rode home with Natalie and her kids and Wayne rode home with Tami and her kids.  The scenery on the way home was beautiful.  I thought things might look different, but they seemed the same.  We were excited to get home to see more of the kids!  

There was a big Welcome Home Temporarily sign and our house and yard was beautiful.  Home Sweet Home!  There was a big sign inside too.  We shared more hugs and tears when we saw our boys who were working at Unicad.  Muck was there with Addilyn and Mack.  Shawnee came with Barrett, Finley and we got to see Duncan and hold him for the first time.  Finley was so funny as he tried to get to know us again, it was his 3rd birthday!  Danny and Shanna arrived with Crosby and Nora, we got to hold and love Nora for the first time.  Emily was in Florida, so we didn't get to see them until Sunday.  Mom and Dad came down to see us too.  It was so nice to be HOME where everything I love the most is.  I feel bad we didn't take pictures of the our arrival at our house with everybody.  Sorry!

We had a lot of fun! 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Happy Birthday Hank & Natalie * Home to Utah for a Short Visit

July 23rd was Hanks 1st Birthday!
Happy Birthday Hank!
We love you!

July 26th was Natalie's Birthday  
Happy 30th Birthday Natalie
We Love You!

Home to Utah for a Short Visit

Tonight we begin our journey home for a short visit.  The temple is closed for cleaning and maintenance for two weeks.  A long time ago, we decided to spent this time at home.  We are excited and happy to be able to go home and spend time with our family.  We have two new babies to meet.

We are packed and ready to go.  We're taking two big bags home with souvenirs for Bill and Sandy.  Wayne and I aren't taking much home.  You can see the luggage behind.

Just Us

We waited for the taxi

We rode to the airport with Bill and Sandy.  Our plane was scheduled to leave Trujillo at 9:30 pm.  Bill and Sandy's daughter and her family flew in to Trujillo at 8:30 pm.  They came to spend the two weeks the temple was closed with bill and Sandy. Their plane arrives at 8:30 pm. 
 We got on the plane they get off. 

This is our taxi driver, he's a Bishop in one of the wards.

The plane was late so we patiently waited.

They arrived

Bill Sadie Heather Sandy Robert
Elli and Mika in front
They spent a few days inTrujillo then they all went to Cusco and Puno.

We said hello, then we said goodbye!

Our plane

Our meal on the plane from LAX to SLC

We are due to arrive in Salt Lake at about 2:00 in the afternoon tomorrow,  Thursday the 28th, Finley's Birthday

Monday, July 25, 2016

Celebrating the 24th on the 25th!

Celebrating the 24th on the 25th!

Our family at the Ogden Pioneer Days Parade which was today, Monday the 25th.  Andy went two days early to save our spot.  Thanks Andy !

Tami and Nick sat by themselves because the kids are sick. They still enjoyed the parade.


While our family was at the parade, Wayne and I went to the plaza to find some Llamas to take home to the kids. We saw these people walking down the street. They must have been performing someplace, maybe a parade.

This is our little Llama herd. I love these little Llamas, but not as much as I love our little grandkids who will be getting them.

We bought some long table cloths that are colorful and remind me of Peru.

This one is smaller table cloth. I think they are pretty.

Wayne bought me a sweater, a scarf, and a little purse. Now we have some souvenirs.

I almost forgot the little alpaca rug to hang on the wall.

We are excited and so thankful we get to go home!  Can't wait.
3 Days