Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sunday In Hooper and Llamas!

Sunday in Hooper!

We were happy to be able to go to our home Muskrat Springs Ward.  So nice to be with family and to see so many Ward members.  It felt good.

I made lunch, it was nice to be able to cook for a bunch instead of just for two. I made Roast Beef with potatoes and gravy.  It was yummy!

We cleaned up after lunch and all of the kids came for Sunday. We did the birthdays for July, I made lasagna, salad, and rolls.  I thought it was good.  We gave all the kids a llama and a chocolate bar for a little souvenir.  It was fun!

We gave Ronola a llama bell, a llama and some chocolate.  We had a good evening with my favorite people!  I love them all so very much and am so happy we could all be together for just a few hours that Sunday night.  It Kent a lot to me.  We are so blessed!

Sunday was also Ruth Dawson's 90th  birthday party. They had a celebration at her house.

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