Saturday, April 30, 2016

New Baby! Happy Birthday! - 4/30/2016

On Monday, the 25th our newest little Grand Daughter was born. Nora Konnie Haws. She is a cutie.  She and Shanna seem to be doing well, Danny and Crosby too. Congratulations!

Now we have 20 awesome Grandkids!  7 beautiful girls and 13 handsome boys.  We are so blessed.  WOW!

On Wednesday the 27th was Crew's 3rd Birthday.

On the 29th, Friday, it was McKenzie's Birthday!

Happy Happy Birthday!!

I have been missing being home with all of the Grandkids. It is hard when new little ones are born, like Duncan and Nora, I want so much to be there and hold them.  It's been different to watch Alice, Jayne, and Hank grow out of being newborns to being babies and almost toddlers and all of the kids are all growing up while Wayne and I are away.  I'm so thankful we are able to have Instagram, FaceTime, Email, and Facebook to watch how each grand child is growing.  The hard part is not being able to hug, hold, and play with all of them, including the new babies.  I still love them all as much as if I was there.

We are starting a new month we have almost been in Peru for 9 months.

Written by Jan

Primavera Ward - 4/30/2016

Sunday, the 24th we went to the Primavera ward. We didn't know before we went that it would be kind of like a farewell for Pres. Davila's son who is going on a mission. He is the young one with the red tie.

President Davila served his mission here in Peru at the same time Wayne did.

I was happy to see the Hartman's there too, we didn't 'to know they were going to that ward. Sandy played the piano and Bill led the music. They did a great job and are always very good at what they do. We have enjoyed being here with them. They are our good friends.

We went to Sunday School and Relief Society too. This picture is of our Sunday School lesson.

Monday was our day off. We went to Tottus for a few things and ate lunch at Papa John's. President Casos called a FHE, Wayne did a few videos about the Trujillo Temple And I made peach cobbler. We were going to play Bingo but got too late.

On Friday we went to a sealing of Sister Pala. She is a temple worker. She was sealed to her husband and son who had both passed away without all of them bring sealed together. Whoever she'd asked to be the proxy for her husband didn't show up so they asked Wayne do that.  It was a neat experience. As I hugged her afterward, she was very full of emotion and appreciation for this special day, one of the many blessings of temple.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Peace Corps - 4/27/2016

This past week we have had a couple of visitors to the temple.

Scott and Lori Adelman were here on Tuesday April 26 to see their daughter Katy who is in the Peace Corps here in Peru.  She is in a small town of Contumaza (Contumazá is a town in Northern Peru, capital of the province Contumazá in the region Cajamarca.)  They are from Sandy Utah and presently live in Katy, Texas.  They have two other daughters who have or are serving missions.

There are 243 Volunteers in Peru working with their communities on projects in community economic development, the environment, health, and youth development. During their service in Peru, Volunteers learn to speak local languages, including Quechua and Spanish. More than 3,475 Peace Corps Volunteers have served in Peru since the program was established in 1962.

Preston and Vanessa Alder were here at the temple on April 27.  They were married a week ago in the Payson Temple.  They recently graduated from BYU and are here in Peru on an internship for several weeks.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

California Stake Young Women Activity - 4/26/2016

Saturday was a busy day at the temple in the morning. Wayne went over early to help. We worked the afternoon shift and It wasn't busy since most of the people were there in the morning.

Wayne and I officiated the 1:00 session. After the session I helped fold clothes in the laundry.  At 4:15 Wayne and I arranged to be able to leave early to go to a California YW activity. All we knew about the activity was that the girls had learned a dance, It was at 5:00, and we were invited to it.

This is what it looked like when we walked in the Gym. It was a stake YW activity.

Each ward was assigned an area of Peru to give a report on.

These were the girls giving their report on Cusco. I think they are in either the Vista Alegra ward or Buenos Aries ward.

Each ward made a typical food dish from the area they reported on.  The girls got together and learned how to make the food. This shows each wards food.

Then the girls did a typical dance from the area of Peru they were assigned to.

This was the Los Cedros ward

The group assigned to Cusco

The Central ward

This ward did a dance about building a house. They were from the Buenos Aries ward or the Vista Allegra ward.

The California ward did the area of Lima. Their dance was cute.

The Chan Chan ward was assigned Trujillo. Their dance is the Marinera dance.

After the group of girls danced, a young man who is a champion Marinera dancer, also a member of the church came out and danced with one of the girls.

They had refreshments. Each ward did a treat from the area of Peru they were assigned. We didn't stay for that. We left the church at about 7:30. We decided to go to Romano's for Tallarines, they were closed so we went to Squalos, they were closed, so the taxi driver took us to El Mochica. It was nice.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Farewell at the Airport - 4/22/2016

We started this week by going to the airport to see the missionaries as they are returning home. 
I got these pictures from the mission blog, thanks Sister Marler!


Great missionaries! 
Elder Limaico, Elder Morales, Sistre Obando, Hermana Vasquez, Hermana Tonga, Hermana Furness, Hermana Brogen, (in back)  Sister Vaughan, Elder, Elder Rios, Elder Morgan, Elder Cuno, Elder Raremba, Elder Smith, Sister Coleman, Sister South, Sister Nuñez and Sister Mazzei.


Los Coleman


Los South


President and Sister Marler


Sister Coleman and Sister South. They played one last duet at the mission home.  Their violin music is beautiful and always warms my heart. 


The group at the airport. 


The Sister Sisters


One last good bye!

We haven't had anything exciting going on here at the temple.  

Most afternoons, we eat lunch at the Comedor, which is kind of a cafeteria downstairs from our apartment. I took this picture of our lunch on Wednesday. 


Pasta Salad, Chicken Breast, Rice, some kind of Lentils. The camera was closest to the salad so it looks bigger than it really was. An interesting fruit.  Maybe we'll do a later post about that. 

This morning, Saturday, when I looked outside, it looked a little hazy. Maybe it will RAIN! I took these pictures but they don't look very hazy. 



It's Saturday today, so it will be busy at the temple. There are 4 pages of people coming for endowments, baptisms, and sealings. We are so blessed to be here serving the wonderful members of Peru!

Today is Danny and Shanna's baby girl's due date.  She will be our 20th grandchild.  I am anxious for her to be born.  We'll be happy to receive the news once she's here but so sad we won't be there.  
Written by Jan

Monday, April 18, 2016

Cleaning and "The Sister Sisters" - 4/18/2016

Today was the beginning of another week.

This morning we woke up to this going on outside.

Cleaning lights, Scrubbing sidewalks, More scrubbing sidewalks, Still more scrubbing, Lawn mowing

And our friend Oscar.
I'm so impressed at the cleaning that goes on around the temple.  It's amazing to me.

I did some laundry and vacuumed for my cleaning.

Wayne did some Unicad work.

This afternoon we met the American Senior Missionaries in the mall for a farewell lunch at Don Belisarios for "The Sister Sisters".

Sister Donetta Vaughan and Sister Sandra Angell  We love you Sisters! We will miss you!

We were able to meet the new Sister Millers. They are sisters. They are taking over the office responsibilities of the Sister Sisters.  Meet the Millers

Most of us went to Tottus after lunch to get a few groceries. I found some real milk!  It is fresh, pasteurized, cold milk.

The milk is gone, but it was really good.  The only milk we've been able to find here, is milk that doesn't need to be refrigerated. It doesn't taste like our milk at home. We were all happy to find this milk. Now the trick is to find it again.

When missionaries go home, it is a tradition for members and friends of the missionaries to go to the airport to say goodbye and see them off.  We have never done this before, but thought it might be fun. We went with Bill and Sandy and Jim and Patti to see the missionaries and "The Sister Sisters" off and give them one last hug!

We were amazed at how many people come from far and near to say goodbye to the missionaries they have grown to love.

It was fun to see the excitement and love.  It was also a bittersweet for them as they said their goodbyes to their Peruvian friends. Life long memories and experiences through the Gospel and serving, both for the missionaries and the Peruvians.

Sister Furness went home to Terreton, Idaho

Sister Tonga went home to West Valley

Elder Rareba and Sister Fackrell

Sister Angell went home to Rexburg Idaho Sister Vaughn went home to St. George.

Eighteen missionaries were going home but only 16 got on the plane to Lima at 6:00. Sister South and Sister Coleman's parents came to pick them up.

They will be coming to the temple tomorrow for one last session in our beautiful temple. They will be traveling around Peru before heading home.

It was really fun seeing the excitement and saying goodbye to the missionaries we have grown to know and love.

As we waited for the plane to leave, the sun was setting on a beautiful day shared with wonderful friends and awesome missionaries.

Thanks Bill, Sandy, Jim, and Patti for sharing the day with us.

We are so blessed to be serving in the Trujillo North Mission with such wonderful people, and members of the church. These friendships will be for a lifetime and on to eternity.

Written by Jan