Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Another Week - 4/5/2016

Another Week

We had a wonderful weekend listening to conference and feeling the spirit as we heard the talks. It was a great conference. I'm so glad that we have our prophet, Pres. Monson who leads us. It was so good to listen to his simple but powerful talks. We think it is neat to get another temple in Lima. We are so blessed.

Yesterday for our day off we went to the plaza and found a lot of police around with their protection shields and ready for something. We decided to continue on and walked up the pedestrian road and ended up seeing the central market, the Apiat, and the mercado.  I love seeing the many people selling their goods. We saw some selling tropical fish.

I am happy with our fish tank at home.

We bought 12 bananas ( for banana splits,) two mangos, and an avocado.

We went to Romano's for lunch and shared Tallarines. It was delicious.

We had FHE with the missionary couples and spent about an hour and a half talking about the schedule. Sandy Hartman and I provided Banana Splits for our treat. Many of the Peruvians hadn't ever had them before.

Greg texted Wayne telling us that James Eardley received his mission call to St. Petersburg Russia, July 13, 2016. We are excited for him. He will be a great missionary. 

As we go to the temple this afternoon, we have a renewed energy for the service we are giving there to the Peruvian members. They are great people.

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