Wednesday, November 30, 2016

100th Birthday * Temple Pictures * Mamma's Pizza

Happy 100th Birthday Barrett!

Barrett and Marie Haws

Today would have been Barrett's 100th birthday.  He was 68 when he died and has been gone for 32 years.  I think about all the grand children and great grandchildren he never met.  Today Natalie did a post on Instagram for his birthday.

"Today would have been my Grandpa Barrett's 100th birthday.  He died before I was born.  He has left a great legacy, and I'm grateful for him, raising good boys like my dad.  I've always felt cheated because I didn't get to know him in this life, but I know that one day I'll get to know him.  Until then, I hope he would be proud of me-of all of us, and what we have done with his name."

Well said Natalie!  We love you Barrett!

This afternoon, Sister Ripple asked me to walk with her to the mall to get a few groceries.  It was a nice walk and I was able to get to know her a little bit better.  As we walked down the street just parallel to Manciche, there was a little field with cows eating corn.  It was just funny.

                       Wayne took these pictures while I was gone.
Derek and Dillon, the twins from Buenos Aries ward.

Twins with their Mom and Dad

When I got home from the store, we went to Mamma's Pizza to celebrate Barrett's 100th Birthday today.

Garlic Bread

The leftover pizza.  The Calzones got eaten before we took the picture. 

We had Pizza and we shared a Calzone.  They were both delicious!

We're glad we found this place for pizza.  Thanks to some sister missionaries who suggested it several months ago.  

It's been a good day!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Our Monday

Wayne and I decided to go to the Plaza to see what was going on there. As we left the
temple grounds, we saw them cleaning and mowing.  We had to take another picture.

At the Plaza, they were having a Book Fair.  There were book vendors set up all around the Plaza.

Wayne bought me a Spanish workbook for 2nd grade so I can practice and learn Spanish.  It's all in Spanish, so it's kind of hard for me to understand the directions.

There were also some groups protesting.  Not sure what they were protesting but they caused a big traffic jam with a lot of honking taxis.

These protesters stood in front of this building chanting and making it known they weren't happy about  something.

We ate lunch at Chili's and had a relaxing afternoon.

Sister Casos invited all the Sister temple missionaries to decorate her Christmas tree.  I will post pictures when they are available.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Lila's Birthday - Barrio Intendencia Primary Porgram

                                       Today was Lila's Birthday!
                        Happy 12th Birthday Lila Bean, we love you!
Lila Marie Russ

 We went to Barrio Intendencia for their Primary Program at 8:00 am, the Ripples went with us. The power was off in all of Trujillo, so the lights and microphone didn't work. The children did a great job they had their their parts memorized and they knew the words to all of the songs.  It was a good program even without power. As they sang If I Listen With My Heart with a violin accompaniment, the Spirit touched me.  It was beautiful.

I Know The Scriptures Are True

Activities the children did during the year.

The churches always have flowers for special occasions.  These were perfect!

The Primary
The girls had headbands with red yellow and blue, the boys had blue bow ties and they all had a paper pendant they wore.  

My little friend Jaru in the blue shirt on the right.  Notice the cute headbands with the Primary colors.

Sister Valdivia and her daughter

Jaru Salazar and her Valdivia cousin.
This afternoon Wayne and I went for a walk out toward the cemetery and ended up out by the Chan Chan visitor center.  Chan Chan is an archaeological site that is hundreds of years old.  We hiked around the area and saw some runs they are working to uncover.  We could see stairs which went up the mountain and terraces were carved.  It was so neat.  I didn't have my phone for pictures.

We went across the street and hiked toward the mountain.  As we hiked, we saw a guy in a red hoodie walking his dog around the undeveloped ruins.  Wayne and I couldn't believe how neat these ruins were.  They were just there and in their rough state.  Wayne mentioned that It would be funny if we ran into the Ripples.  The Ripples want to explore and see this neat place we're living.  About 5 minutes after Wayne said that, the Ripples came walking over a hill.  It was just funny.

The guy in the red hoodie told us it was dangerous where we were going and he offered to go with us and the Ripples to keep us where it was safe.  We ended up on the top of a big mountain, ruin and we could see 360 degrees.  We could see farm land with beautiful crops.  We could see in all directions.  It was amazing. We hiked toward La Esperanza and walked past many acres of farms.  We saw avocado's growing on trees, asparagus, madacuya, corn, cows, and we saw some women with sheep.  We finally arrived back home just as it was getting dark.  It was a great walk.  Brother Ripple took a few pictures, once he shares them I will add them to the post.  Next time, I will take my phone for pictures of my own.    

Peter Ripple emailed the pictures he took, they don't capture how beautiful and grand it was, but I'm so thankful for them.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Christmas Devotional

This evening was the temple Christmas Devotional.  It was at the Primavera building and we were asked to go early to help Carlos get a few thing ready.  We arrived at 4:00 pm while I helped fold programs. Wayne helped Carlos get the ushers ready for the meeting. 

Wayne stood by the funeral door and greeted the VIP's attending the meeting,  he enjoyed it.   I was given the assignment to stand by the outside door and greet the people as they arrived.  I loved doing this because I was able to see and hug all of our temple friends as they got to the meeting, but wasn't able to take pictures.  I was amazed because I knew almost every one.  It was fun to feel their love and excitement for the meeting.  I love these sweet temple workers.   
Elder Gudoy, our area authority was the speaker.  I didn't understand much, but I think it was good.  

The choir when we arrived at 4:00 practicing

The piano player

Taken from the back of the gym.  It wasn't full.

Group of temple workers

Sister Bastos and her daughter Kirli

After the temple meeting concluded, Another one started for the Bishoprics, I thought it was funny to see Miguel leading the music as they sand to start the meeting.

When we got back to our ap[artment, there was a group of people from Piura still there waiting until 11:30 pm for their 6 hour ride home.  I thought it was funn to llisten to Wayne talk to them, he is a great guy.  

Brother and Sister Ramapi work at the temple. They had been to the devotional and were waiting to go home too.  Sister Ramapi gave me a little coin purse made out of a zipper.  When I unzip it,  it's just a zipper but when I zip it up, it makes a little coin pouch.  Pretty cleaver.