Saturday, November 26, 2016

Christmas Devotional

This evening was the temple Christmas Devotional.  It was at the Primavera building and we were asked to go early to help Carlos get a few thing ready.  We arrived at 4:00 pm while I helped fold programs. Wayne helped Carlos get the ushers ready for the meeting. 

Wayne stood by the funeral door and greeted the VIP's attending the meeting,  he enjoyed it.   I was given the assignment to stand by the outside door and greet the people as they arrived.  I loved doing this because I was able to see and hug all of our temple friends as they got to the meeting, but wasn't able to take pictures.  I was amazed because I knew almost every one.  It was fun to feel their love and excitement for the meeting.  I love these sweet temple workers.   
Elder Gudoy, our area authority was the speaker.  I didn't understand much, but I think it was good.  

The choir when we arrived at 4:00 practicing

The piano player

Taken from the back of the gym.  It wasn't full.

Group of temple workers

Sister Bastos and her daughter Kirli

After the temple meeting concluded, Another one started for the Bishoprics, I thought it was funny to see Miguel leading the music as they sand to start the meeting.

When we got back to our ap[artment, there was a group of people from Piura still there waiting until 11:30 pm for their 6 hour ride home.  I thought it was funn to llisten to Wayne talk to them, he is a great guy.  

Brother and Sister Ramapi work at the temple. They had been to the devotional and were waiting to go home too.  Sister Ramapi gave me a little coin purse made out of a zipper.  When I unzip it,  it's just a zipper but when I zip it up, it makes a little coin pouch.  Pretty cleaver. 

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