Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Tossing Bricks * Christmas Tree * Election 2016

This afternoon, Wayne and I walked to the mall.  On the way, we saw these three men tossing bricks one to another from the ground up to the second level of a building they were working on. It was fascinating.  We sat on a bench and watched as they tossed the last brick of the big stack they were working on, to top of the building.   Out by the street was another big stack of bricks.  The men all got together on the ground level and tossed them one to another to the spot where they could toss them up to the second level again.  We left and walked on to mall.

This is the pile by the street they moved to their working, back where the scaffolding is. 

Taxi anyone?

I missed the shot of all the yellow taxis lined up in front of the mall.

Inside the mall, we noticed the Christmas decorations starting to appear in the stores and around the mall.  We intended on going to eat dinner at Chili's, their special on Tuesday is Chicken Tacos, but we changed our minds and ended up walking back home.

As we got to the spot where the workers were tossing bricks, they had moved the pile by the street and were tossing them up to the second level again.

You can see the guy in the blue shirt on the ground level and the guy in the tan on the scaffolding, you can't see the guy on the top.  

It was so cool to see how good they were at this, very accurate getting the bricks right into the hands of the guy they were tossing them too.  In America, we would have had a fork lift put the bricks right where we wanted them.   

These boys were playing soccer 

As we walked home from the mall, we talked about putting up our Christmas Tree,  and decided to do it.  We invited Sandy Hartman to come and help, which she did.  It was enjoyable to visit and decorate.  Bill and Wayne watched the election results.

Love looking at the lights on the tree at night.

I especially like the Llama ornaments.

Donald Trump won the Presidential Election.  He will be our 45th President.

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