Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Missionaries - Elder Herget

This morning we were surprised when a group of missionaries came to the temple.  They were missionaries from the Trujillo South Mission.  We don't see missionaries from the South Mission very often, so it was a fun surprise.
I was so happy when I saw that Sandy Hartman had taken these pictures of them outside after they ate lunch at the commodore from her apartment.  

We've been watching for Elder Herget for over a year now.  Emily lived in Connecticut and sent me a message that her friend's son was coming to Trujillo to serve his mission.  We saw him this morning, he was with this group of missionaries.  His dad was Emily and Johnny's bishop when they lived in Connecticut and is now the Stake President.
Elder Herget and Elder Rottweiler are TALL Elders.  Elder Herget is 6' 4" and Rottweiler is 6'8".  

Elder Herget and Rottweiler

It's hard to explain the spirit of the young missionaries.  It is just simply sweet.   They all seem to be such good young members of the church serving with love. Whenever we see young missionaries, they make us happy and it always feels so good to be around them.  We love the young missionaries!!

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