Monday, November 7, 2016

The Ladder * Lunch With The Alvas * Llamas

This morning the usual cleaning and mowing was going on outside.  The workers cleaning these tall light poles always stand on the top rung of the ladder where it says," Do not Sit or Stand".  We finally got a picture of it.

Today Sister Alva invit3d us to lunch.  She knew Bill and Sandy would be going home soon and she wanted to do this for them.  We really enjoy visiting with her and Juan.  Tehy are wonderful pioneers of the church here in Trujillo. I've posted about them before, but we just love them.  Besides visiting, Emma is a really good cook and we enjoy it too.  Sister Alva made sweet and sour chicken, won tons and curry chicken, and chica with lemon meringue pie for dessert.  It was all yummy.

  Rosemary and Diana were there also.  Rosemary is the Alva'a youngest daughter.  Diana is their granddaughter, she teaches English in Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade.  She lived and went to school in Spanish Fork so she speaks very good English.  Wonderful people!
Emma Alva, Diana, Rosemary, and Juan Alva, he's 96.

Bill - Emma Alva - Sandy
Sister Alva gave Bill and Sandy a set of napkins she embroidered and crocheted around.
So sweet!

Rosemary - Diana - Sister Emma Alva
Brother Alva at church a few weeks ago.

We had a lovely visit and a delicious lunch. There is just a great feeling about these wonderful members of the church.  Wayne's loved them for 40 years and now I love them too.

We stopped at the Apiat on the way home to look at the Peruvian souvenirs.  
Wayne bought this cute Llama because I wanted it.

These are for our Christmas tree

These are for our Christmas tree

We saw Elder Olsen and Elder Rios at the mall.

We had a wonderful day!

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