Thursday, November 17, 2016

Update on Coincidence

Last night and this afternoon, Wayne spent quite a bit of time on Family Search, and looking at records, this is an update to Marie Hawes, the coincidence in the previous post.

This is what Wayne found out:

Subject: Marie Hawes

Some of you know that yesterday as I was recording in the temple I was surprised to see the name Marie Hawes on the list for confirmation.
I was even more surprised to see that she was born on 10 September.  After further review I see that her baptism for the dead was done in the Vernal Temple on 27 October 2016.  Her confirmation was completed 16 November 2016 in the Trujillo Peru Temple.

This Marie Hawes was born 10 September 1905 in Greenville Kentucky.  Her name was actually         
Elsie Marie Haws and she married Luther Pete Forehand (1899-1987). She died 19 June 1999.
Her father was James Pallas Hawes (1866-1946) and her mother was Lizzie P Andrews (1875-1949).
His father was William Hamilton Hawes (1839-1901) and his mother was Margaret Russ (1841-1908).
His father was William R Hawes (1798-1841) and his mother was Susannah Wilson (1802-1870).
His father was John Hawes (1762-1841) and his mother was Agnes Nancy Hobbs (1775-1850).
His father was Benjamin Haws (1740-1774) and his mother was Rebecca Clements (1746-1822)

Benjamin Haws (1740-1774) and his wife Rebecca Clements (1746-1822) had a son, Jacob Haws (1766-1813).
Jacob Haws (1766-1813) and his wife Hannah Neil (1768-1856) had 14 children, one of which was Gilberth Haws (1801-1877).  Gilberth was born in Logan County Kentucky but died in Provo Utah.
Gilberth Haws (1801-1877) and his wife Hannah Whitcomb (1806-1880) had 14 children, one of which was William Wallace Haws (1835-1895).  William Wallace was born in Wayne County Illinois and died in Colonia Pacheco, Chihuahua, Mexico.
William Wallace Haws (1835-1895) and one of his wives, Martha Barrett (1859-1916) had 9 children, one of which was Joseph Forest Haws (1882-1968).  Joseph was born in Pima Arizona and died in Salt Lake City.
Joseph Forest Haws (1882-1968) and his wife, Mary Francis Bowler (1891-1965) had 9 children, one of which was John Barrett Haws (1916-1984).  John Barrett Haws was born in Provo, Utah and died in Hooper, Utah.
John Barrett Haws (1916-1984) and his wife Alice Marie Widdison (1919-2011) had 4 children, one of which is Wayne Barrett Haws (1955-2067).
Benjamin Haws (1740-1774). 
His sons were brothers: Jacob Haws (1766-1813) and John Hawes (1762-1841).  
Cousins: Gilberth Haws (1801-1877) and William R Hawes (1798-1841).
Second cousins: William Wallace Haws (1835-1895) and William Hamilton Hawes (1839-1901).
Third cousins: Joseph Forest Haws (1882-1968) and James Pallas Hawes (1866-1946).
Fourth cousins: John Barrett Haws (1916-1984) and Elsie Marie Haws (1905-1999).

Marie's confirmation was done yesterday in our Trujillo Temple.  Her name has already been printed in one of the temples of the church for her Initiatory work to be done.  Wayne went to our temple to see if by chance it was printed here in Trujillo, but it wasn't.  It's at a temple someplace in the world. 

Such a cool experience!!!

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