Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cory and Benson

The other day Cory came home from Skiing and put his beanie on Benson. It was so cute! Cory and Benson have become good buddies!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Dear Danny

Lila painted a picture for Danny a few days ago. When it had dried she dictated a letter to him. This is how it went (in her own words faster than I could even keep up!! I think that "scurvy dog" comes from a pirate book that he read to her while he was here.)

Dear Danny,
We got your letter. Thank you for giving us... uhm... a letter. Dear Danny. I love you. This day was really great, and I really love you. You are my bestest uncle and you are really funny because I'm not a scurvy dog because that's what you say in Spanish. "Scurvy dog & belmo" means I love you. Dear Danny, we are giving you a message because you are my bestest uncle & scurvy dog is what you called me and you do what I say and I really love you for saving the earth. Dear Danny, I love you scurvy dog. Your mission is really great because you are my bestest in the world and I really love you for days and days and days! Scurvy dog! I want to say that this is from Lila. Love Danny (she wouldn't let me write Love, Lila. Then I helped her draw a heart and write her name.)

Friday, January 25, 2008

Happy Anniversary

I meant to do this yesterday, but it was a crazy day, so sorry it's late, but I wanted to tell Brady and Shawnee happy anniversary and I hope you're loving Mexico!

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Okay so for any of you who are struggling with motivating youngsters... I have discovered the magical trick.... CHEESE BALLS!!! This is no joke. Melissa (the girl I teach next door to) told me that in January she uses Cheese Balls as classroom management. I thought it sounded weird but I thought I would give it a try. Sure enough... KINDERGARTENERS WILL DO ANYTHING FOR A CHEESE BALL! Yes, ANYTHING for one measley cheese ball. It is hilarious to watch their faces when someone else gets a cheese ball for being good. There is a hush that comes over them and... it's seriously the best thing EVER!!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Casey

It's Casey's Birthday Today!!!
I remember when you were just a little boy and you would run around..... oh wait I don't remember anything about your childhood. I just wanted to wish you a very merry birthday (even thought I am google talking you right now). I can't wait for our monthly LAN/Gaming parties to shoot-em-up with all y'all.

Feliz cumpleaƱos Casey!!


Benson's sleeping buddies

The other day Benson was taking a nap and I noticed that he has a few friends to take a nap with him. Brady and Shawnee game him the reindeer, Mom gave him the giggling bear with blue ears, and Danny gave him the penguin.

Thanks for the contribution of sleeping buddies for Benson! They are all really cute!

Happy Birthday Casey!

Before my day got too crazy, I wanted to wish Casey a "Happy Birthday"...sorry I don't have any fabulous stories or pics to put with this...I'll leave that to the profe

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Here is the picture of when we were dropping Danny off at the MTC. I've also posted it on his mission blog, so click on that link to visit there....

His mailing address is on there too.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Girls Night/Boys LAN Party

Well, after much ado, we have decided to schedule our girls night craft night. Shawnee, McKenzie, Natalie, Shanna, and I all decided on Saturday, February 16th I'm thinking 5:00ish. Here's how it's going to work (as far as I can tell):
Each month someone different is in charge of the craft and approves it with everyone (on the blog or elsewhere). The person in charge purchases all of the supplies (paint is optional) and then lets the rest know how much everyone owes her.
I will be in charge of the February craft this month so hopefully I can think of something cute. Once I find something cute, I will post it..
Let me know what you all think.

Monday, January 14, 2008

My Mission Blog

Hey all. This is Danny. not to draw away from all of those cute stories of me, but i wanted to let you know that i have a new blog for my mission. It is ... I will not post on it, or probably even see it, but I will send pictures to Natalie (she is always home and never busy) and she will throw them up on it for me. This is mostly because of the difficulty of sending things. So thats that. I will try to figure out how to make a link so that it is easy to get to. Thanks for your support and i sure love you all.
Elder Daniel Haws

Oh Danny Boy...

I meant to do this yesterday but hopefully you were all to busy to notice... anyway, I wanted to wish Danny a Happy Birthday!! (Just a little bit late).

I remember lot of things about all of us growing up, but I remember the most about you Danny. We like to joke that I was your second mom. I sure love you like I am! I remember when mom told me she was pregnant with you. I wasn't surprised at all because it just seemed about time to have another one. I'm sure I must have treated you like my own personal doll! :) Just a few of my favorite Danny memories.

I remember rocking you to sleep and singing to you. Oh, how I loved you. I remember your first word. I was convinced it was "Ice"!

I remember your first haircut. You were sitting outside on the lawn with your white blond curly hair and your bright blue eyes. I had flashbacks when we were cutting Zack's hair. I am pretty sure I cried when mom cut your curls off too.

I remember those two missing teeth too. I'm pretty sure I was there when you knocked them out. You used to chew on the plastic glasses... you had the cutest little smile though!

I remember when you were little and we shared a room (the room which is coincidentally your room now.) I used to try to read my scriptures at night. I was young and didn't really understand them, but you were younger. I remember you asked me to read them to you so every night you would sit while I read scriptures to you.

And who could forget your little love notes to me. You could barely write your letters but spelled out my name in a sweet note that I still have! "I love you MLE".

When I went away to college you were so little. Every time I came home you grew a little more. Now you're all grown up and as cute as ever. I'm so proud of the man you've become and I'm so proud of you for the decision to go on a mission. It's the right one and I know you'll be blessed and you'll be happy.

Munchkin, George... my little friend!! :) Happy Birthday kiddo! I love you!
Love, Em

More of Jan & Danny

**I fixed the pictures so I'm reposting it!**

I just posted some pictures on my blog from when Mom and Danny were here but I thought you guys would like to see a few more.

Mom & the kids at Chuck E. Cheese

Most of these were taken at the New England Aquarium. The most exciting thing they have there are the penguins. (They have real ones, not just the bronze one you see here!) I think that Danny thought they were cool.

This is us brainwashing Lila into wanting to be a veterinarian so that she would like her Christmas present (a veterinary hospital/doctor kit). It worked though, she LOVES the animal hospital!!

These are at Wendy's a few minutes before we dropped Danny off at the airport.

Lila & Danny's self portrait

and silly faces...

...and wet willy's...

...and smooches (sorry Shanna!)

Monthly Craft

McKenzie and I were talking last night after everyone left from Danny's farewell and we thought it would be fun for the girls to get together for a monthly craft. This would be especially nice becuase we might not be seeing Shanna quite as much and this way we can all see each other at least once a month.

McKenzie's sisters do this and they have a lot of fun and are starting to collect a ton of cute things. They always get together on the first Saturday of the month, so they always know not to make any plans for that day because it's craft day. So if we wanted, we could set apart one day a month to get together and craft! We would take turns being in charge of the craft, so we all would have to think of a craft once every 6 months or so.

Another suggestion is that while we do these crafts the boys can have a L.A.N. party or have an xbox party.

Please respond to this post if you are interested or if you are not interested in doing this.


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Leprechaun Canyon Slot

A couple days after Christmas, Greg (my boss), Glen (Greg's friend), Tyler (Shawnee's brother), Lance (Tyler's friend) and I (Brady) went down and did a slot canyon. We left work a little early Friday and headed down to the Green River, UT.
We got to the Leprechaun Canyon trailhead at about 8:30 in the morning and prepared ourselves for the adventure. After hiking around to the left and middle forks of the canyon, we reached the right fork and started our descent. Coming down was narrow (some spots only 15 inches wide), and we expected it to be cold, seeing as it's December 28th. However, regardless of the layers we were wearing, the weather turned out to be quite dazzling... blue skies, no wind, and to be honest, the sun was relentless while we were in her view. The gloves came off quick and I debated seriously about taking more layers off.

Squeezing through the slot

I managed to drench my foot in a pothole about a quarter of the way through, but the rest of the water we encountered was nicely frozen; indeed in some places it was frozen uphill!! That was cool. We even saw "dinosaur tracks"!

After a short rappel the right fork join up with the middle fork. We decided to head up the middle fork through a section called "Belfast Boulevard".
Greg and Lance heading up Belfast Blvd

We had been through some rather tight places, but had read that this one was darker and even narrower than the rest. And it was true! Tyler led the way and kept us moving onward and upward. We had to squeeze above and below rocks which had wedged themselves in the narrow. There was even a stretch of about 30 feet where we were literally leaning back on the rock at a 45 degree angle just to pass!

The 45 degree section

Tyler squeezing down in

Finally after what seemed like miles, we hit the area where the left and middle forks come together (a distance of maybe 400 feet from the last junction), and decided to head back... down a nearly impassable labyrinth.
We made it back through Belfast Blvd and headed the rest of the way down canyon. We all arrived safely to our cars and believe it or not, I was uninjured. It was a blast. I think we should all go do a slot together sometime.
All the pictures and videos are on my Picasa Web Album.