Friday, June 30, 2017

Ramano with The Woods

Romano with The Woods
Friday after we finished our temple responsibilities, we went to lunch with Morris and Rosio Wood.  We haven't done very much with them and they wanted to try Ramano's before we leave to go home, so today was the day.  We enjoyed a wonderful meal and had a wonderful time visiting .  It was a good afternoon.  

After we got home. Wayne looked out our window and saw this little girl sitting by herself.  The wind was blowing so you can see her holding her hair out of her face so she can drink her drink.  Pretty cute.  

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Missionaries * Elder Herget * Sister Solis

Missionaries -- South Mission

Today was a busy day at the temple.  We had a group of missionaries come to participate in a session.   They stayed and had lunch in the comedor, so I was able to get a few pictures.  

Elder McMillan is on the right

Elder Herget goes home on the 3rd of July.  He'll be home on the 4th.

Sister Solis 

This is our friend Sister Solis.
She comes to the temple a lot and we're always so happy to see her.  She was down by the comedor so I was glad to get one more picture of her.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Look Sandy, A Volkswagon!

Look Sandy, A Volkswagon!
June 26, 2017 
Monday Evening

Our friends Bill and Sandy Hartman like VWs.   They served with us as temple missionaries, but have been home for almost 8 months.  When we would go places with them, we often heard, "Look Bill, a Volkswagon." 

Tonight Wayne and I walked to the mall and saw this on the way.  We both almost said at the same time, "Look Sandy, A Volkswagon!  It made us think of them and brought back fun memories.   

As we walk to the mall, we always pass this little store that sells wallpaper and decorating ideas.  This Volkswagen was parked on the curb advertising the store.  The sign is attached to the car, so it's a moving advertisement too.

Trip to Chimbote


President and Sister Casos were going to Chimbote, so we tagged along with them.  We had some Don Bosco pictures we wanted to pick up so we got them while we were there.  We started out early this morning.   The skies looked a little cloudy but we were up for the adventure. 

I tried to take some pictures from the car on the way but they were blurry.  
We got rained on a little.  

The ride was very pleasant.  We visited with President and Sister Casos.  I was happy to be going on an adventure to a new place.  I enjoyed the scenes along the way.

Along the way, we saw farmlands with crops being raised.  



Viru is the area our friends the Whitney's lived and served their 18 month mission.  This is the temporary bridge they pit across the river.  The  main bridge was washed away with the huayco.  


We arrived in Chimbote and went to the Don Bosco store to pick up opur pictures.  Sister Casos wanted to see if she could get a picture for her daughter.  

The front desk at Don Bosco's

Rocking chair

Chest to store stuff in 

Some small pictures

I really liked this one but we didn't buy it.

I thought it was cute they both wanted to sit in the rocking chair together.  

We were able to buy the two pictures we ordered, one for us and one for President and Sister Marble.  Wayne also bought two smaller ones, I especially the one with the Chismosas. 

We ate lunch at Donde Victoria

We had a good visit as we shared lunch.  This place was a great place to eat.  

After we had lunch and bought our pictures, we went to the ocean to see the boats and take a few pictures.  Wow!

I loved seeing this lama or alpaca down by the ocean

The fishing ships.  It was amazing.

President and Sister Casos with the fishing boats behind us.  It was cold and windy.

The ride home was just as beautiful seeing farmland growing crops to feed the people. We enjoyed the adventure and so glad President and Sister Casos shared it with us.  .