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Hazel Verlie * Birds In A Row * Father's Day * Esperanza Stake Conference

We Have A New Granddaughter!!
Hazel Verlie Haws
June 16, 2017 
6 lbs 5 oz

We have been very blessed!

Friday night we went to Don Bellisario's for dinner.  We always like seeing this Zapos game they have.  

We're getting our ducks, or birds in a row getting ready to go home to Utah!

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Today is Father's Day!

I am so blessed to have such wonderful men in my life!  
My Dad is the best father I could have had.  He's a wonderful example and friend and I love him.

Wayne is a my favorite father. He has been the best dad to our 7 kids and a wonderful grandpa to our 21 grand children.  He's one of a kind and I love him!

Our boys and son-in-laws are wonderful fathers, and Cory is a wonderful uncle to all of the little ones in our family.  I love all these boys so much!!

Sorry Nick - Casey - Johnny
I don't have a picture of you guys.

This morning we went to the Esperanza Stake Conference.  We took a taxi, Sister Casos rode with us.  These are pictures of the flower vendors outside the temple on the way to the cemetery.  The people here really remember their dead loved ones.  

I like this one because you can see the temple in the distance.

At the Stake conference, it was much like any stake conference.  With about 30 minutes left in the meeting, President Bravo announced that two Elders who just got home from missions would speak followed by two missionaries who will be leaving, followed by me and Wayne.  He mentioned that we'd be going home soon and asked us to bear our testimonies.  WOW!!  I haven't  really expressed my testimony since we've been here so it was a wonderful opportunity to share my feelings for the wonderful members of this stake.  Wayne translated as I did mine in English, then he bore his own testimony.  It was very touching for both of us.   This is a memory we will always cherish.

At the conference, several members came up loved us.  It will be so hard to leave these wonderful people when we leave in a few weeks.  We will not see these people again!

This man came up to Wayne after the meeting and asked him if he knew Elder Puffer.  It was a neat.
 Luis Portilla.  He is one of 9 sons in a family that  Lex Puffer baptized when he was here serving his mission 42 years ago with Wayne.   I think this is so neat. 

I don't even know this family, but the mom comes to the temple.  These are her kids, the girls are twins.  Hans Poma is the photo bomber.

Sister Aguilar from the temple.

Another sister who comes to the temple, I don't know her name.

Brother Sorensen and his wife, he's from Venezuela and has come to Peru to escape the trouble in his country.  Wayne helped him get some money to his family a few months ago when they were in Venezuela.  

Kind of blurry, but this is Elder Logan with the Sorensens

The Sorensens with Elder Miessner

Wayne with Daniel Ibarra
Daniel was a temple worker but has had to quit because of school and work.

This young man with crutches is an investigator.  Elder Logan and his companion brought him to the conference.

Elder Maddock Elder Logan and  Elder Logan and Elder Zavalaga  companion with their investigator.
President and Sister Casos talking behind.

Elder Messner Elder Plazas and Elder  ??

Back of Elder Garner & Elder's Quinonz

Elder Logan - Wayne - Elder Logan's companion

Sister Holmes and Sister Delgado

Great Elders serving in this stake.  Most of these Elders came to the alberge to shower after the huaco when they didn't have water for 2 months.

Elders - Zavalaga - Maddocks - Quinonez - Miessner - Plazas - Gardner _ ? - Vassau

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