Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Night Sky * Mummy Movie * Walk to Plaza * Walk Home

Tuesday the 13th, this was the night sky.  It was beautiful.  

This afternoon the Real Plaza  Cine-mark theater was showing the Tom Cruise movie Mummy in English, so we decided to go watch it. Before the movie, we went to TGI Friday and shared a Brownie Sunday treat. It was a different show, kind of creepy but it was in English and we were sitting in comfortable recliner seats.  It was early in the day, so when we got our, it was just starting to get dark.  We didn't have anyplace to go, so we decided to walk until we got tired then we'd get a tax and ride home.  We ended up walking up Larco past Wong and ended up at the Plaza de Aramas.  We have been to the plaza several times and we have pictures but we took some of it lit up at night.  

We watched the people and there was some parade thing happening with people from the Caja Trujillo business. 

We saw a Merinera Dancers who were part of the parade 

This is the big stage being decorated getting ready for something.  

I went to the little souvenir shop to see if they had some little bird whistles we've been buying, they didn't have any. :(  While I was there, I found a shoulder bag a pair of finger less gloves and a leather hair thing.  We bought another selfie stick from a guy walking around the plaza and we also bought some LED helicopter toys for the grand kids, we bought all he had which isn't enough, I hope we find some more before we go home.  It all fit in my new Peruvian bag, I love it!

On the Catholic Cathederal was this announcement for the Corpus Christi Celebration! 
This is what they're getting ready for.  We will come back to see this tomorrow.  

This guy was juggling in the street.  As the traffic stops for the red light, he went pout and juggled.  he then walked down past the cars to collect any money from those waiting at the red light.  Wayne gave him some money, we watched him from the sidewalk.  It was a good feeling.

When we got to the street that goes to the temple, the one the Hyco tore up,  it had been paved.  Clean and brand new asphalt.  No cars were driving on it, so we took some pictures and enjoyed the moment.  

Out tailor was still working in his little shop, so we waved as we always do,  but we went back and talked to him for a minute and took his picture.  This is the tailor with the shop by the mall.  He put some pockets in my temple dresses,  altered Wayne's temple suit and he also helped the Ripples and Woods with tailoring projects.  He's our friend!    

The 10 story apartment building we've watched them build is looking pretty good.  This is looking at it from the mall with the newly  paved road in front of it.

New paved road looking toward the temple

New paved road looking towarad the mall

Us on the new road looking toward the mall

We had a fun evening and we'll be going back to the plaza tomorrow to see what the Corpus Cristi Celebration is all about.    

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