Monday, June 5, 2017

Remembering Cusco

Remembering Cusco

This afternoon, I was looking online for ideas to make a Peruvian quilt.  I came across these really good pictures and I want to save them.  They were on a site called Trek Earth, Learning about the world through photography.  They all remind me of Cusco, the people the colors and beautiful ruins.

On the Mountain

Llama Market

Happy Boys



Having Fun

It's amazing all the stuff they carry on their backs.

Never wasting time

Mom with her kids

Sacred Valley Harvest

On the walks of Cusco

I wanted to buy one of these textiles while we were there, the one with the Chismosas, but I didn't.
I think they are all beautiful.  Such talented people. 

I love the fabrics with the beautiful colors.  I want all of them.


Alpacas all dressed up for visitor

That's all Folks!

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