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This afternoon when we finished our time in the temple, we had lunch in the comedor then got on a Huanchaco Bus and went to Huanchaco.  The last time we were there was when we went with Cory and Sarah in January 2016.   I wanted to see the ocean one more time before we go home so today was the day.  Wayne took these pictures as we walked.  

There were several vendors selling their goods and souvenirs, these were on the street.  Each seller was selling the same thing as the one next to it.  There was a lot of jewelry, beads, stones, and a lot of hand made twisted macrame bracelets.      

We bought some bracelets from this one.

Looking back through the sellers

I love the ocean!  I could sit and watch and listen to it for a long time.  There's just something soothing to me about it and it's beautiful.  

This machine was on the far end of the beach.  You can tell they've been working to clean up after the huico. 
These kids were sitting enjoying the day.  the people walking had been wading in the water.  

Looking back at the pier

Just enjoying the view

Watching these people, two of them are nuns, holding up their skirts as they wade in the water.  
We really wanted to wait to see the sunset, but we didn't want to wait the 3 hours for it to happen.  I got this picture off the internet, it will have to do.

Image result for Huanchaco Peru Sunset

We got on the Huanchaco bus and headed back to Trujillo.  I took these pictures from the bus along the way.  Most of them are of Huanchaquito which is a small town with a beach that's better for swimming.  

This is a swimming pool.  It even has lanes for racing.  First pool we've seen in Trujillo.

Huanchaquito beach

Not sure what this is.  It might have something to do with cemeteries.  It might also be an event planning place.  I looked it up on the internet, but it was all in Spanish and we all know I can't speak Spanish.  Maybe Wayne can figure out what it is.

These flowers are a bush and planted on the temple grounds.  This one has climbed up the cement fence.  I think they're pretty.  

We rode the bus to the Mall and had dinner at Pizza Hut.  Wayne had Lasagna and I had a little pizza.  It was a great day and so fun to go to the ocean with Wayne.  I'm going to miss days like this.  We've been to Huanchaco for the last time.  

Huanchaco Bus Pass
I got this information off the internet
Huanchaco probably has the best beach in Peru. This old fishing village has recently become very popular, especially amongst surfers, due to some great waves. Located on the North coast of Peru and a few kilometers from Trujillo, this outstanding place has everything you need for a great time.
Its most characteristic features are the lovely "Totora horses" that are used by fishermen. These are little boats that come from the time of their ancient ancestors, the Chimus, and are said to be predecessor of the surfboard. You can see them daily navigating the waves and you are even able to have a go yourself on the famed Totora horses. If you want the modern version, there is all the surfing equipment available for hire for is a great day on the waves.
The place is simply a paradise with beautiful bars and restaurants and lots of parties to enjoy. The place has a fantastic view point from a gorgeous colonial church situated above the town. High season starts in December and ends in April.
Just a few kilometers from Huanchaco you can also visit the Chan Chan ruins. It was built by the pre-inca culture Chimu and in the peak of its development attained over 60.000 inhabitants. It is thought that it was built around the year 1300 A.D. The most amazing feature of this place is that it is a huge city made of adobe.

GTB Bus Pass!

Bus Huanchaco
Chan Chan backpacking
Backpacking Huanchaco

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