Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Update for March Craft Night/LAN Party

Let's plan on Saturday, March 22nd at 6:00 for our Craft Night/LAN Party. Does this work for everyone? I'll do my best to keep cost around $10, but with the vinyl it might be a bit more. When you reply to let me know this works for you, also include:

  • are you good with having your sign say "welcome" or would you like to have it say something else?

  • what color do you want the vinyl? (I'm thinking cream, but let me know otherwise.)

  • how many signs are you making? (like, I might make an extra for my mom, etc.)

  • do we want a "cutesy" font, plain font, or serious font?
If any of you have special paint needs, bring your own colors. I think there are brushes at the Haws house, but you might want to bring some if you have them. I'll probably cut out shapes to do something for Easter (eggs and bunny), something for spring/summer (flowers, bees, ladybug), and maybe for July (stars and flag). I'll do more if I have time to cut them and we can always paint them for another craft night if we run out of time. Let me know if you have questions or if I'm forgetting something!

Monday, February 25, 2008

March Craft Night

So, I think I'm in charge of March craft night. I was thinking we could make these "welcome" signs like Jan has at the top of the stairs...the one that has different holiday/season things hanging from it. What do you all think? I don't know the price yet, but the originals were about $7 for the "welcome" part and then about $2-3 bucks per item...and I'm pretty sure we can do it for cheaper. Jan recommended that we have vinyl sayings made instead of having to paint the letters, which I agree with; my guess is that would be a couple of bucks. (If you feel this is too pricey, I have a plan B). So, let me know if you want it to say something other than "welcome" and/or if you have a font you'd like, or if you're ok with me choosing for all of us. I was also thinking we could paint a set or two of the holiday/seasons that night and then be able to do these for future craft nights if you wanted. Tell me what you all think. As for a date, the best time for me would be March 22...I could do the 29th with some creative time management, or we could wait until April 5th for when the boys are at priesthood meeting, but I don't know if you have other plans for that night. Let me know what you think!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Missing Danny

I was looking through pictures tonight and found a few of Danny from his visit here. I thought you might like to see them!

I thought this was sweet. That "scurvy dog" probably read her a hundred stories while he was here.
This one just reminds me of Danny... I can almost hear him being silly when I look at this picture.

Why I'm Obsessed...

This is a plaque for my great grandpa Joe that is hanging in the Energy Solutions Arena (Delta Center). This would be the reason I am totally obsessed with bowling. And all of you thought it was just some sick obsession...

Thursday, February 14, 2008

February Craft

Hello girls,

So since I am in charge of the craft this month, I was thinking that we could make these little blocks....

We made them in relief society and there were so many different variations that people did with them.
What you do is get your blocks (4x4) and paint them if you want. Then you mod-podge whatever you want on top of it. For mine, I just put pictures on all the sides. Some people put pictures on some sides and then scrapbook paper with little sayings on the other sides. Another idea is to put a different letter on each block, so I might do 6 blocks and put B-E-N-S-O-N on them. You can also do the blocks seasonal if you want to. McKenzie mentioned the idea to do 6 blocks with S-P-R-I-N-G on them.

I think there are so many different things we can do with these, so it might be fun! So if we all decide this is what we want, I would just get the blocks and have them cut, then everyone can bring whatever they want to put on them... If you would like vinyl lettering, I can order that from Jan's neighbor, so I would just need to know what you want it to say and what color and what font. If you want to do pictures, there are 6 sides on each blocks, so you would just need to bring whatever pictures you want (make sure they are NOT glossy!)

Also, they don't take a TON of time, so if you want to do more than one set, that would be perfectly fine. You can do as many blocks as you want. In my calculations, each block should be around $1.00.

Everyone, just let me know what you think and how many blocks you want.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I love the new background!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Comments to Brady's Post (below)

I was going to post this as comments but as I was typing it, it got too long so I copy and pasted it into a post. So… if you haven’t read Brady’s post yet, STOP reading right now and go down below and read…then come back up and read my comments:

Brady, what a sweet post you made! I have been having these same feelings lately so it’s sort of coincidental that you posted your post when you did. It has been the greatest blessing for Nick and I to live so close to Mom & Dad's house. I have felt like I have built stronger relationships with ALL of you since we moved there. I agree with Emily and Brady that you guys really are my best friends. I honestly wouldn't rather hang out with anyone more than my own brothers and sisters (and their spouses and significant others too!) I think we have the best family ever and I love you guys all so much and I know I could count on any of you if I ever needed anything! I hope you don't mind that I tell each of you how I'm feeling...

Em, I miss you more than ever and I hope one day you will be able to move back closer to home! I miss your babies (and Johnny of course) so much too. What lucky kids you have to get to have you as their mom! Thanks for being such a good example to me all of the time. You have been an awesome role model. Remember when you went to BYU and I would write you letters all the time? I always wanted to be exactly like you and do everything that you did because in my eyes you were perfect and you still are. Thank you for being who you are because I wouldn’t be the same as I am right now if it weren’t for you! I love you so much, Em!

Brady, I don't see you as much as I see the other Utahn family members but I love that you are so fun to be around. I don't know how you manage to have the energy of a 5 year old all the time (and trust me...I deal with 5 year olds all day every day!) You’re such a fun person and I really look up to you a lot. Thanks for being so nice to Nick all the time and for making him feel like one of the brothers. I really like Shawnee and I’m so glad you married her! I love you a lot Brade, thanks for all you do!

Cory, I don't know if you'll even read this but I truly am glad that you are living at mom and dad's right now. I know it's probably not a prime situation for you, but I have loved getting to hang out with you lately. I missed you while you were living in Salt Lake. The other day when we were playing in the snow together it was so fun and I miss the days when we were little. You probably don't remember but I remember one time when we were little we were playing downstairs and I told you (before we understood the concept) that we said we would get married when we grow up. You have always been a good friend to me. I love you!

Nat, wow I don't know what to say but that you have been my best friend since the day you were born. We have of course had our moments but even to this day I feel like we are still best friends. Remember when we were little and we would purposely dress the same so we could be "twins"? Now we just wear the same clothes on accident... I love you so much and I love your little family. Casey is so awesome and so perfect for you. Thanks for letting me fall in love with your baby Benson. I love him! You guys rock!

Andy, even though Brady is shocked that you are grown up, I am so glad I have been able to hang out with you and watch you grow up. It's weird because I feel like we are more friends than family sometimes. We get along so well and I love it when you call me to see what we're doing. It's great to have a brother who likes to hang out with me as much as you guys do. Thanks for sharing McKenzie with us too…I’m glad that McKenzie and I can be close friends too! I love you, Chunk!

Dano, I know you probably won't read this but I have to tell you how much I have been missing you. I feel like a baby most days. I sort of feel like you are my own son that I sent on a mission in a weird way. I really have missed you so much and it's weird to have you gone. Everything I do I think of you and I will be happy when you are home to be my bud again around here. Nick and I both miss you very much! I miss Shanna a lot too, which is probably weird, but I feel like when Danny left on his mission, I lost two friends instead of just one brother. I am so glad that we have organized craft night so that we can hang out with Shanna too. I love you kiddo!

Mom, it’s hard to put to words how I feel about you. I am constantly amazed with all that you do for me! I think one of the best things I ever did was got a job working side by side with you every day. I learned so much about you (most of it I already knew) but working with you showed me how truly patient you are. You are such an example to me and I’m proud to say that you are my mother. So many people constantly tell me how much they love you and how wonderful you are, but they only know half of all the wonderful things you do!!! You’re such a good mother and wife. I hope that I can be half of you! You amaze me with how you can just keep going and going and never stop! I really look up to you so much! I love you so much, Mom, and I hope you know how much I really appreciate all you do for me. (Thanks for always feeding Nick and I when we just stop by randomly.)

Dad, I got so lucky to have you for a dad but even luckier because I have you as a dad and as a friend. Thanks for always putting up with me when we just drop in at your house and when I have no volume control. I love being at your house and I love just hanging out with you. I have always felt so close to you and I really appreciate all that you have taught me as I’ve grown up. Thanks for always supporting me in everything I do and for always loving me. You’re such an awesome dad and I got so lucky to have you as mine! I love you!

I love you all so much! WE HAVE THE BEST FAMILY EVER!!!

P.S. Em, it would be fun to go camping whilst you are here. I’m sure your kids would love it!

The Coolest Fam Damily Ever!!

So I am sitting here at Mom and Dad's all alone. You may ask yourself, "Why is Brady at the Haws home by himself during the middle of the day on Tuesday?" I have classes in the morning and then a class at night at good ol' WSU and it's not very practical to go to work for such a short time to turn around and drive back to school. Anyway I came here so that I could change my clothes and go ride my bike.
When I got back, I was looking at the pictures at the top of the stairs and on Dad's screensaver, and throughout the house and I was just thinking about our family. I decided I needed to write something to all y'all so you could know what I am feeling.
We have a pretty good thing going here. Our family is awesome. I mean growing up, I would have been surprised if you would have told me that all of us would be such good friends. Heck some of us are lucky we are alive. Most people hear that there are seven kids in our family and say something to the effect of, "WOW that's alot" or "Was that hard having a family that big?" I used to really be embarrassed of our family when we would go to the grocery store or Disneyland or anywhere for that matter and see people counting us all. Or when people would ask, "are those all yours?" The fact is though I never had to worry about having someone to play with. I had a guaranteed friend in Cory (when we weren't fighting). I had a big sister to give me advice (even when I didn't always want it). I had two little sisters to tease and protect and to help me fulfill my older-brother duties ;). And then Andy and Danny (I know I miss Danny too) were the cutest and funniest little guys around. I love the picture of all of us standing by the basketball hoop by the chimney... everyone with their own ball. I can't think what it would be like if Mom and Dad had stopped with Tami, or Emily, or Andy. It just wouldn't have been complete.
I think about how hard it must have been for Mom and Dad to put up with, and provide for, all of us. How many women that you know could raise a group like us and only suffer slightly from insanity?;) Even when we were mouthy and rude to her, Mom was always kind and compassionate. And Dad has worked so hard to teach all of us how to work and be responsible. I remember all the times I got to go help Dad as a kid, whether it was pulling wire in the crawl-space in Yellowstone for E.L. Fudge Cookies or wiring houses around here. I wouldn't be who I am without both Mom and Dad's influences and examples.
I guess the real reason I wanted to post this was to tell all of you how happy I am that we are all friends and to thank all of you; Wayne, Jan, Emily, Cory, Tami, Natalie , Andy and Danny for letting me be apart of it all. Now that we're all grown up (yes even Andy is grown up) I hope we continue to do all the fun things we used to do. It might be a little hard for us to all take a road trip to Canada in the same vehicle, but I'd love to still do family vacations along with all the usual family fun.
I love you guys,

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Snow Day

We had a pretty fun day out in the snow today. I had been at home so I missed the beginning, but I guess it all started when Nick and Casey were hot so they went outside and threw snowballs at eachother and then started rolling big balls of snow and putting them in Andy's truck and on McKenzie's car. I guess they decided to make a snowman (pictured below) and as you all know the Haws/Dalpias/Jones boys, you know that they can't settle for anything less than the best.

Cory named him Zeus, Lord of the Jews. He has big pecs, buff arms, two gun holders, six pack, and a smartie necklace for a mouth. (They were looking for something for the mouth and Cory ran in the garage and found it for Zeus.) The snowman even has a small little wife at his side.

After they made the snowman, they started building a hill to sled down... it all just kept getting bigger and better after that.

McKenzie was wearing a garbage sack so she didn't get wet pants.

Nick was working so hard while everyone was playing...

Cory brought out his skis and he and Casey skiied down the hill.

Mad skills Yo!

It got pretty cold so Dad, Nat, and Benson went in the house and watched out the window.

When we were just getting done playing on the snow and stuff, Cory noticed there were 2 deer in the Schiffman's field. I walked over and there were deer footprints everywhere in their yard!!

What an eventful day!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Danny's blog

Hello everyone.
Please don't forget about Danny's mission blog. He sent an email to me yesterday.

Monday, February 4, 2008

New Blog

I'm pretty sure most of you have seen my email, but in case not, we've joined the blogging world with a blog of our own. It's Feel free to add a link to your own blogs! :)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Shanna!


It has been so much fun having you (unofficially) in our family the last few years! You have been such a good friend to me and I miss you almost as much as I miss Danny. It has been strange not hanging out with you and Danny lately. I really do miss hanging out and just doing nothing in particular. I am glad that we have been able to keep in touch via texting though. That has been a lifesaver! I have wondered how you are doing without Danny around this last 3 1/2 weeks. I hope you are okay. (I'm sure you have had a huge adjustment without him!)

Anyway, I hope you have a very happy birthday tomorrow!

Let's play sometime!

I love you like you're my own sister!

Happy Birthday!

Love, Tami

Well Shanna, I know your birthday is actually tomorrow, but with a new month and a new week, it will be a little hectic for me tomorrow so I thought I would write a little post today. (Just pretend I wrote it on the right day.)

Change of Craft Night/LAN party

Hey guys!
We have changed the date that we are going to do our craft night and gaming party. Rather than doing it the 16th, we are moving it to the evening of the 22nd. That should be a Friday night. (Nat & Shawnee, is that what we decided?? I sure hope so.)
Let me know if that doesn't work for someone.
Also, I believe Natalie will be in charge of the February craft, so Nat... we'll plan on that unless we hear otherwise.

K, Let me know if I have something wrong.
P.S. Shanna, do you have access to post on our blog? I would love it if you would post some of the pictures you got from Danny! (if you don't have access, we should grant access, whoever does that.)

Okay, after posting this, I read comments from Shawnee and Shanna saying that it was supposed to be Saturday. SO... I guess it is Saturday. I'm sorry for the confusion.
I will plan on Saturday Feb. 23rd unless someone tells me otherwise.