Sunday, February 3, 2008

Change of Craft Night/LAN party

Hey guys!
We have changed the date that we are going to do our craft night and gaming party. Rather than doing it the 16th, we are moving it to the evening of the 22nd. That should be a Friday night. (Nat & Shawnee, is that what we decided?? I sure hope so.)
Let me know if that doesn't work for someone.
Also, I believe Natalie will be in charge of the February craft, so Nat... we'll plan on that unless we hear otherwise.

K, Let me know if I have something wrong.
P.S. Shanna, do you have access to post on our blog? I would love it if you would post some of the pictures you got from Danny! (if you don't have access, we should grant access, whoever does that.)

Okay, after posting this, I read comments from Shawnee and Shanna saying that it was supposed to be Saturday. SO... I guess it is Saturday. I'm sorry for the confusion.
I will plan on Saturday Feb. 23rd unless someone tells me otherwise.


Shan said...

I would love to post pictures!! i'm not exactly sure how to do it, but if someone tells me how i will. I thought you told me that craft night was on saturday the 23rd, so if it really is on friday let me know so i can get work off, Thanks Tam!

Shawnee said...

Yeah, I thought we said Saturday the 23rd. I might be late, but I'll be there...I can't come on Friday night. :)

Natalie said...

Yes, I was also planning on Saturday the 23rd.
I will try to think of a fun craft wherein we do not have to cut off our fingers in the crafting process.

Also, since Casey's birthday was in January and I'm still getting the hang of being a wife, I am really late on the birthday celebration thing. So if it's ok, lets just plan on having cake for him this night.
No gifts are necessary... really.