Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Coolest Fam Damily Ever!!

So I am sitting here at Mom and Dad's all alone. You may ask yourself, "Why is Brady at the Haws home by himself during the middle of the day on Tuesday?" I have classes in the morning and then a class at night at good ol' WSU and it's not very practical to go to work for such a short time to turn around and drive back to school. Anyway I came here so that I could change my clothes and go ride my bike.
When I got back, I was looking at the pictures at the top of the stairs and on Dad's screensaver, and throughout the house and I was just thinking about our family. I decided I needed to write something to all y'all so you could know what I am feeling.
We have a pretty good thing going here. Our family is awesome. I mean growing up, I would have been surprised if you would have told me that all of us would be such good friends. Heck some of us are lucky we are alive. Most people hear that there are seven kids in our family and say something to the effect of, "WOW that's alot" or "Was that hard having a family that big?" I used to really be embarrassed of our family when we would go to the grocery store or Disneyland or anywhere for that matter and see people counting us all. Or when people would ask, "are those all yours?" The fact is though I never had to worry about having someone to play with. I had a guaranteed friend in Cory (when we weren't fighting). I had a big sister to give me advice (even when I didn't always want it). I had two little sisters to tease and protect and to help me fulfill my older-brother duties ;). And then Andy and Danny (I know I miss Danny too) were the cutest and funniest little guys around. I love the picture of all of us standing by the basketball hoop by the chimney... everyone with their own ball. I can't think what it would be like if Mom and Dad had stopped with Tami, or Emily, or Andy. It just wouldn't have been complete.
I think about how hard it must have been for Mom and Dad to put up with, and provide for, all of us. How many women that you know could raise a group like us and only suffer slightly from insanity?;) Even when we were mouthy and rude to her, Mom was always kind and compassionate. And Dad has worked so hard to teach all of us how to work and be responsible. I remember all the times I got to go help Dad as a kid, whether it was pulling wire in the crawl-space in Yellowstone for E.L. Fudge Cookies or wiring houses around here. I wouldn't be who I am without both Mom and Dad's influences and examples.
I guess the real reason I wanted to post this was to tell all of you how happy I am that we are all friends and to thank all of you; Wayne, Jan, Emily, Cory, Tami, Natalie , Andy and Danny for letting me be apart of it all. Now that we're all grown up (yes even Andy is grown up) I hope we continue to do all the fun things we used to do. It might be a little hard for us to all take a road trip to Canada in the same vehicle, but I'd love to still do family vacations along with all the usual family fun.
I love you guys,


Em Russ said...

Man Brade, that was the sweetest thing I've read in a long time! You even brought tears... what a great and true post. It made me homesick and made me wish that I could be home to hang out with all of you again. Thanks for the sweet memories. I agree that I've found my best friends in all of you (mom & Dad included).

Love, Em (and I love that you signed it #2)!!

p.s. speaking of family vacations... (and I hope this doesn't detract from your sweet post) I want to go camping when we come home for the 4th of July. I might be crazy thinking that I can take my kids camping, but I think it would also be fun. Anyone else want to come??

p.p.s. Brady, you should print that and send it to danny!

Jan Haws said...

Brady that was such a meaningful and sweet post. Thanks for sharing it. I love our family too. I love that you kids are all such good people who are grown up. I feel very blessed to be the mom of all of you. You were all good when you came from Heaven. I love you all Mom

P.S. Camping would be fun. I miss Danny too!

Shanna said...

In Response to Emily, i emailed this post to danny. He can read emails on wednesday. I think it will make is day to read this :). You really do have such a wonderful family!

Natalie said...

What a sweet post.
Mom always said she wanted us to all be friends with each other, I guess her wildest dreams have come true!!! We would rather hang out with all of you guys than do anything else.

Oh, and Brady, I live just a few minutes away from Weber State, so if you ever need to waste some time or anything, you can always come over to my house. If you're lucky, I might even make waffles.