Sunday, September 27, 2015

Golf Course, Botanical Gardens, and Women's Conference

Hello everyone!

We have finished another good week. It started with family night. We had the best time at the home of Brother and Sister Quintanilla. They are wonderful people with a great family and great friends. We love them.   There is an earlier post here about that.

Saturday we decided to find the golf course. The course is part of a country club. You need to be a member to golf there. Wayne told the keeper of the gate that he wanted to come golfing with another missionary. He let us go talk to the man in charge.  Wayne heard them talking and saying the missionaries and Elders, so we think that is why they decided to let them come back to golf.  Wayne found out the details. We will see what happens.

After we found out about golf we went to the botanical gardens. It was good to see but not fantastic.  We enjoyed it.

I liked these pretty trees with the purplish flowers. I love that guy!

This is another one of the big tree with purplish flowers.

We saw a rose. Not at all like those my Dad has but it was a rose.

After we left the Botanical Gardens we decided to walk instead is taking a taxi. We tried to find our way home.

We saw this along the way.

We walked about 5 miles and made it to the mall.

We decided to get a pizza for lunch. It was Yummy!

I was able to watch the Women's Conference with the temple missionaries in English.  I enjoyed the meeting and the spirit I felt. I'm so glad  I was able to watch it with these
wonderful ladies.  I missed being at home with our girls, but I  love these sisters and we had a wonderful time together.   Sister Hartman is by me, actually I am sitting on her lap, Sister Nield, Sister Casos,  she is the temple matron, and Sister Gomez.

When they announced President Uchtdorf would be speaking, Sister Casos said,"He slept in my bed."  Of course we all laughed. He stayed in the Casos apartment when he came to dedicate the Temple in June and he and his wife really did sleep in her bed.  I had a great time and I'm thankful for this great blessing.

Wayne watched the Utah game with the men.

Today we went to church at the Primavera ward. We met the Stake President, President Davila. He was one of Wayne's missionary companions 40 years ago.

This is the church. I am standing in front of the wall.

These sister missionaries are working in this ward. Sister Sofan from Columbia, Sister McQueen from Mapleton Utah,  Sister Hernandez from Ica Peru, Sister Maydana from Bolivia.  They are great Sister missionaries.  We love meeting the missionaries.

We are doing great. We are enjoying this time. We have met many wonderful people who love the gospel and are working hard to do what they should, just like all of us.   The church is true and we have a Savior who loves us and is cheering for us. Hang in there.

Jan Haws


This is my new friend Casandra. I met her Friday night when I went downstairs to the hospitality center to see what was going on.  She was in the Family History Center looking for ancestors. Every Friday night she is here.

Casandra is 19 years old.  She lives in Barrio Jerusalen, which is a ward here in Trujillo. She has her mission request all done and is waiting for the recommendation of her Bishop.  She will be a great missionary.

She knows a little bit of English and I know a little bit of Spanish so it was hard to communicate. I used google translator which helped. She helped me with my Spanish by having me read The Family A Proclamation to the World out loud, it was hard but fun.  Behind us in the picture is the Proclamation. It will always be a great memory. She was so friendly and fun to talk to.  I could feel her excitement to be there with me. I enjoyed sharing her spirit which was warm and loving.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Small World

From Jan:
I have been here tonight in our apartment by myself. It has been nice to relax and just hang out. The temple has been very busy all day.  They needed extra men to help this afternoon,  so Wayne stayed to help. He called me to tell me Stephanie Pack and Christie Bunnell were here outside. I got my phone and hurried outside to get a picture of them.

Christie is on the left and Stephanie is on the right. If you didn't hear the story I will tell it now. If you did hear the story then you can move on. We met these two a week or so ago when they came to do a session in the temple. Kristi is from Lindon and Stephanie is from North Logan. As we talked to them we discovered that Stephanie knows my sister Trudy,  Craig, and their kids. She has been in the Day home many times. It was fun to make that connection. Both of these young women have been on missions. Stephanie to Chile and Christie to California. They both know Spanish and they are here in Peru on an internship with Utah State. They are helping people to make their businesses better. They will be here until December.  It was fun to see them again and share of their sweet spirits.  I hope we will see them again.

Family Night

Monday night we went to family night at the Quintanilla's house. There were two other families, the Haro family and the Leon family. We had a really good time. We sang, prayed, had a lesson, played a game and had treats. The lesson was about being good and making good choices. It was fun. We had a great time.

This is us playing the game. Each family was a team.

Playing the game. The Plan of Salvation.

Each family had one of the figures. Ours was an oriental doll, our dice was orange. The other figures were funny. One was a Santa that lit up with changing colors, one was a bobble head crying doll and the last one was a cute doll.

This is the Leon family, they took first place. Sister Leon works in the temple and Brother Leon is a counselor in one of the stakes.  They have a son on a mission.

This is the Quintanilla family, Grandma Quintanilla too. They took second place. Brother Quintanilla helps in the family history center downstairs here where we live every Friday. They have a son on a mission in Argentina.

This is the Haro family. They took third place. Brother Haro helps with family history. They have a son on a mission in Bolivia.

This is us. We took last place.

Wayne took this picture of me sitting outside with the brownie cake I made for the families. We had a fun time.

Temple Grounds

We had a great Monday.
We walked around the temple and I decided to show you a few of the flowering plants and trees we see everyday. They are very different from any in Utah.

This is a tall tree about 10 ft tall the trunk of the tree is bare. The leaves and flowers are on the top. It seems like they are always in bloom.

These red bushes are pretty. It looks like they will be a ground cover type of bush. They are very pretty.

This is my favorite. I love this one. It is a very bright purple and it is so  pretty.

This is a couple of the same pretty purplish bush. If you can zoom in you can see how pretty they are. They seem to always be in bloom too.

This is another tree that just has leaves and flower on the top. These are little yellow flowers.  The picture isn't very good.

This is just me as we walked around the grounds.

This is the Angel Moroni on our temple and the perch for these big vulture birds. They are big and there are usually two up there keeping Angel Moroni company.

It is pretty here at the temple. The workers keep the grounds beautiful.
We are still doing really well. I still miss everything about home but I am so thankful for this time I can be here with Wayne. It has been a great adventure.
Stay healthy!  I miss talking to you but I sure do love you all.
Lots of hugs!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 6

Sunday  Sept. 20th
We are starting our 6th week.

We are doing really good. This last week I was able to help at the veil by myself in Spanish. I have studied a lot.  I finally have memorized them.

I am still learning how to pronounce some of the words for initiatory. One of the sisters wanted me to go in a booth to do initiatory,  I kept trying to tell her I couldn't do it, but she acted like she didn't understand me, maybe she didn't but she just pushed me in a booth and there I was. She kept telling me to the spirit would be with me. It was pretty scary. So I did initiatory with the card and I know I didn't pronounce most of the words right.  The next day when I studied the card, I was amazed at how much easier it was for me to say the words. I really think I was blessed for trusting and getting shoved into doing the initiatory. I know I can do that if I read the cards. I am working on memorizing it.

Today we went to two wards in our area the Monserrat ward and the Los Laurels ward. The Bishop of the Los Laurels ward works at the temple. We were able to see several temple workers at both wards. We are loved and welcomed wherever we go.

This a choir that sang in sacrament meeting of the Los Laurels ward. They were good.

This is Wayne in front of the church.

This is the chapel. It was very nice it even had an upstairs.

This is Byron Huaman Gomez. He is going on a mission in a few weeks to Lima. He was baptized a couple of years ago by an Elder Aaron Soelberg from Ogden, he is Shawnees cousin.

These are the Elders in the Los Laurel ward. Elder Talbot and Elder Wright.

This picture was taken behind the church.  Notice the laundry hanging out to dry on the roof of the house.

These are some houses across the street from the church.

Yesterday in the temple I noticed two young American girls. I knew they must speak English so I talked to them. One was from Lindon I can't remember her name and the other one was Stephanie Pack from North Logan. She is from my sister, Trudy's ward. She was good friends with our nephew Joseph, and her sister dated our other nephew Nate before he went on his mission. They are here on an internship through Utah State.  They are helping the Peruvians learn how to make their businesses better for about 3 more weeks then they will go back to Utah State. It was fun to see people from home. I told Trudy about it.

I miss being there to visit with everyone. I hope these messages help it feel like we aren't so far away.

Lots of love and hugs!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

September 18, 2015

Hello everyone

We are doing great. We have been working in the temple from 2:00 to 9:00 this week so we have had the mornings to do things. When we go places we take a taxi. It costs about $1.50 to go most places.

This picture shows the motorcycle taxis here. People put their whole family of 4 or 5 in there and their groceries. It is amazing to see all they can carry in these taxis. We haven't been in one yet.

This is a typical corner here in Trujillo

Another street corner

This is the Birthday party we has for Sister Gomez. She wanted to make lunch for all of us for her birthday. We loves to cook and is good at it too. She made some kind of beef, kind of like a round steak. She cooked it slow in some sauce she made. It was good. She did some  scalloped potatoes kind of like Grandma Barker use to make and we had a small cob of corn. (Not at all like our sweet corn). We had cucumbers and tomatoes and a corn casserole ( this tasted a little like funeral potatoes but there weren't any potatoes in it.). I made Mom's yummy chocolate cake, the one we like so much from the orange cookbook, but we didn't eat it because they had a fancy cake.  We shared the chocolate cake with the couple missionaries later that night and they all loved it.

This is Sister Gomez blowing out candles and the fancy cake. It didn't taste as good as the chocolate cake.

This is President and Sister Casos. They are the temple president and matron. I have grown to love them a lot. Sister Casos reminds me a lot of my mom. She is just about her size and she is very sweet. All of the Peruvians are about mom's size. I feel really tall when I'm by them.

This is the table we set. They used our apartment for the party because it is the biggest. We put two leaves in our table and brought another table in  and put one leaf in it. We had 16 people sitting down to eat. It is good all of us missionaries have a 4 place setting of dishes, glasses, and flatware and napkins. We put it all together which makes enough for 16. They don't really have paper plates and cups here much. They are hard to find and there are only a few in the package when you do find them.

Sunday we went to the Palermo ward for church. This man sitting down is Juan Alva with is wife, daughter, and her husband. Juan was 54 years old when Wayne was in this area 40 years ago so he is 94 now. He was the branch president when Wayne was a young missionary. Sister Alva cooked for the missionaries then too. They remembered Wayne and I could feel the genuine love between them. The daughter was 3 when Wayne was there so long ago

I love this picture of two old friends talking about the old days of their time together.

 I found this cute picture when I was looking back through old messages. Trudy sent it to me. I don't know where we were or when it was but I like it.

All is well in Peru.  I am learning the Spanish temple ordinances but I still can't speak much to the people. They keep telling me little by little I will get it. I hope so.

We live you all!
Wayne and Jan

Thursday, September 17, 2015


Hello everyone. We are doing well. We stay busy when we are working in the temple. Wednesday after we finished our work in the temple, we went with the Hartman's to a place called Squalo's which is a very nice place to eat. On the way we saw a beautiful house with this amazing front door carved with the Tumi. It was beautiful.

This picture is of our temple missionary friends, Bill and Sandy Hartman and this young man named Fernando helped us find a place to eat called Squalo's. We talked to him as he walked with us to get there.  He told us that his mother is a member. She is Peruvian, but lives in France with her husband and family. And his aunt from France is a member too. He is not a member. He told us how they came to the temple open house. Bill remembered his aunt and we discovered that our first week here his aunt's husband spoke at the church we went to. As we talked we found out he had read the Book of Mormon several years ago but nothing became of it. Bill got his card and we will try to keep track of him. None of us thought it was by chance we ran into him on the street as he helped us to find where we were going for lunch.

This is Wayne at Squalo's

My food. Chicken and a salad. It was very good

 This is Wayne's steak. Notice the cute flowers they made out of a carrot.

We had a great time. After we ate we went to a store called Wongs to get a few groceries. It was a very good day.

We love being here. It has been a very go thing. We do miss home, everybody and things there but we are happy here too.We send our love.Wayne and Jan