Sunday, September 27, 2015

Golf Course, Botanical Gardens, and Women's Conference

Hello everyone!

We have finished another good week. It started with family night. We had the best time at the home of Brother and Sister Quintanilla. They are wonderful people with a great family and great friends. We love them.   There is an earlier post here about that.

Saturday we decided to find the golf course. The course is part of a country club. You need to be a member to golf there. Wayne told the keeper of the gate that he wanted to come golfing with another missionary. He let us go talk to the man in charge.  Wayne heard them talking and saying the missionaries and Elders, so we think that is why they decided to let them come back to golf.  Wayne found out the details. We will see what happens.

After we found out about golf we went to the botanical gardens. It was good to see but not fantastic.  We enjoyed it.

I liked these pretty trees with the purplish flowers. I love that guy!

This is another one of the big tree with purplish flowers.

We saw a rose. Not at all like those my Dad has but it was a rose.

After we left the Botanical Gardens we decided to walk instead is taking a taxi. We tried to find our way home.

We saw this along the way.

We walked about 5 miles and made it to the mall.

We decided to get a pizza for lunch. It was Yummy!

I was able to watch the Women's Conference with the temple missionaries in English.  I enjoyed the meeting and the spirit I felt. I'm so glad  I was able to watch it with these
wonderful ladies.  I missed being at home with our girls, but I  love these sisters and we had a wonderful time together.   Sister Hartman is by me, actually I am sitting on her lap, Sister Nield, Sister Casos,  she is the temple matron, and Sister Gomez.

When they announced President Uchtdorf would be speaking, Sister Casos said,"He slept in my bed."  Of course we all laughed. He stayed in the Casos apartment when he came to dedicate the Temple in June and he and his wife really did sleep in her bed.  I had a great time and I'm thankful for this great blessing.

Wayne watched the Utah game with the men.

Today we went to church at the Primavera ward. We met the Stake President, President Davila. He was one of Wayne's missionary companions 40 years ago.

This is the church. I am standing in front of the wall.

These sister missionaries are working in this ward. Sister Sofan from Columbia, Sister McQueen from Mapleton Utah,  Sister Hernandez from Ica Peru, Sister Maydana from Bolivia.  They are great Sister missionaries.  We love meeting the missionaries.

We are doing great. We are enjoying this time. We have met many wonderful people who love the gospel and are working hard to do what they should, just like all of us.   The church is true and we have a Savior who loves us and is cheering for us. Hang in there.

Jan Haws

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