Friday, September 25, 2015

Family Night

Monday night we went to family night at the Quintanilla's house. There were two other families, the Haro family and the Leon family. We had a really good time. We sang, prayed, had a lesson, played a game and had treats. The lesson was about being good and making good choices. It was fun. We had a great time.

This is us playing the game. Each family was a team.

Playing the game. The Plan of Salvation.

Each family had one of the figures. Ours was an oriental doll, our dice was orange. The other figures were funny. One was a Santa that lit up with changing colors, one was a bobble head crying doll and the last one was a cute doll.

This is the Leon family, they took first place. Sister Leon works in the temple and Brother Leon is a counselor in one of the stakes.  They have a son on a mission.

This is the Quintanilla family, Grandma Quintanilla too. They took second place. Brother Quintanilla helps in the family history center downstairs here where we live every Friday. They have a son on a mission in Argentina.

This is the Haro family. They took third place. Brother Haro helps with family history. They have a son on a mission in Bolivia.

This is us. We took last place.

Wayne took this picture of me sitting outside with the brownie cake I made for the families. We had a fun time.

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