Saturday, September 19, 2015

September 18, 2015

Hello everyone

We are doing great. We have been working in the temple from 2:00 to 9:00 this week so we have had the mornings to do things. When we go places we take a taxi. It costs about $1.50 to go most places.

This picture shows the motorcycle taxis here. People put their whole family of 4 or 5 in there and their groceries. It is amazing to see all they can carry in these taxis. We haven't been in one yet.

This is a typical corner here in Trujillo

Another street corner

This is the Birthday party we has for Sister Gomez. She wanted to make lunch for all of us for her birthday. We loves to cook and is good at it too. She made some kind of beef, kind of like a round steak. She cooked it slow in some sauce she made. It was good. She did some  scalloped potatoes kind of like Grandma Barker use to make and we had a small cob of corn. (Not at all like our sweet corn). We had cucumbers and tomatoes and a corn casserole ( this tasted a little like funeral potatoes but there weren't any potatoes in it.). I made Mom's yummy chocolate cake, the one we like so much from the orange cookbook, but we didn't eat it because they had a fancy cake.  We shared the chocolate cake with the couple missionaries later that night and they all loved it.

This is Sister Gomez blowing out candles and the fancy cake. It didn't taste as good as the chocolate cake.

This is President and Sister Casos. They are the temple president and matron. I have grown to love them a lot. Sister Casos reminds me a lot of my mom. She is just about her size and she is very sweet. All of the Peruvians are about mom's size. I feel really tall when I'm by them.

This is the table we set. They used our apartment for the party because it is the biggest. We put two leaves in our table and brought another table in  and put one leaf in it. We had 16 people sitting down to eat. It is good all of us missionaries have a 4 place setting of dishes, glasses, and flatware and napkins. We put it all together which makes enough for 16. They don't really have paper plates and cups here much. They are hard to find and there are only a few in the package when you do find them.

Sunday we went to the Palermo ward for church. This man sitting down is Juan Alva with is wife, daughter, and her husband. Juan was 54 years old when Wayne was in this area 40 years ago so he is 94 now. He was the branch president when Wayne was a young missionary. Sister Alva cooked for the missionaries then too. They remembered Wayne and I could feel the genuine love between them. The daughter was 3 when Wayne was there so long ago

I love this picture of two old friends talking about the old days of their time together.

 I found this cute picture when I was looking back through old messages. Trudy sent it to me. I don't know where we were or when it was but I like it.

All is well in Peru.  I am learning the Spanish temple ordinances but I still can't speak much to the people. They keep telling me little by little I will get it. I hope so.

We live you all!
Wayne and Jan

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