Thursday, September 17, 2015


Hello everyone. We are doing well. We stay busy when we are working in the temple. Wednesday after we finished our work in the temple, we went with the Hartman's to a place called Squalo's which is a very nice place to eat. On the way we saw a beautiful house with this amazing front door carved with the Tumi. It was beautiful.

This picture is of our temple missionary friends, Bill and Sandy Hartman and this young man named Fernando helped us find a place to eat called Squalo's. We talked to him as he walked with us to get there.  He told us that his mother is a member. She is Peruvian, but lives in France with her husband and family. And his aunt from France is a member too. He is not a member. He told us how they came to the temple open house. Bill remembered his aunt and we discovered that our first week here his aunt's husband spoke at the church we went to. As we talked we found out he had read the Book of Mormon several years ago but nothing became of it. Bill got his card and we will try to keep track of him. None of us thought it was by chance we ran into him on the street as he helped us to find where we were going for lunch.

This is Wayne at Squalo's

My food. Chicken and a salad. It was very good

 This is Wayne's steak. Notice the cute flowers they made out of a carrot.

We had a great time. After we ate we went to a store called Wongs to get a few groceries. It was a very good day.

We love being here. It has been a very go thing. We do miss home, everybody and things there but we are happy here too.We send our love.Wayne and Jan

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