Friday, September 25, 2015

Temple Grounds

We had a great Monday.
We walked around the temple and I decided to show you a few of the flowering plants and trees we see everyday. They are very different from any in Utah.

This is a tall tree about 10 ft tall the trunk of the tree is bare. The leaves and flowers are on the top. It seems like they are always in bloom.

These red bushes are pretty. It looks like they will be a ground cover type of bush. They are very pretty.

This is my favorite. I love this one. It is a very bright purple and it is so  pretty.

This is a couple of the same pretty purplish bush. If you can zoom in you can see how pretty they are. They seem to always be in bloom too.

This is another tree that just has leaves and flower on the top. These are little yellow flowers.  The picture isn't very good.

This is just me as we walked around the grounds.

This is the Angel Moroni on our temple and the perch for these big vulture birds. They are big and there are usually two up there keeping Angel Moroni company.

It is pretty here at the temple. The workers keep the grounds beautiful.
We are still doing really well. I still miss everything about home but I am so thankful for this time I can be here with Wayne. It has been a great adventure.
Stay healthy!  I miss talking to you but I sure do love you all.
Lots of hugs!

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