Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Missionary Activity

October 19, 2015, Monday

Hello everybody!
I hope you are all doing well.
We started the week out with a group activity. It was with the couple missionaries.

We met at the Plaza and boarded the open top bus. This is me and Sandy Hartman. If you look close you can see Wayne walking around the back of the bus.

 Our group, Wayne, Sandy and Bill Hartman, DeLoyd and Sandy Nield, and Mariza and Jose Coacalla.

These are pictures of some of what we saw.
It was a Great Activity. Thanks to the Coacalla's for planning it.

We bought this Peru Monopoly game from one if the little shops by the Plaza. It looked fun.  It cost about $8.00 which we thought was a good deal. When we got home and opened it to play it we could tell it was a knock off brand. The money was about the size of a business card, there was only one dice, the board wasn't flat. The Community Chess and Chance cards were mixed up and printed wrong.

This is us playing it with the Hartman's.

There was a Machu Picchu and Chan Chan instead of Park Place and Marvin's Garden. All of the places to buy were Peruvian. It was in Spanish too. We had a lot of fun playing it because it was such a reminder of Peru. It was fun. We laughed and laughed.  Memories we won't forget.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Another Week at the Temple

October 26, 2015

Hello everybody!

We have really enjoyed being here and meeting the many Peruvian members who come to do temple work.  This week we worked the afternoon shift.  Each day seems like it is special. I can do everything as a worker in the temple and I have really enjoyed it. Wayne has been great from the start. He is always helping somebody or helping to fill in where ever help is needed. He speaks excellent Spanish, something I wish I'd have learned many years ago.  He is friendly and talks to the people as they show him their recommend. He is just great.

Our week started off with an activity. It was with the couple missionaries. We went on a bus tour. I made a separate blog post about that.

 Tuesday afternoon when we got to the temple, Elder Preece and his parents were there to do a session. They are from Morgan, Utah. Elder Preece shared his testimony in sacrament meeting our second week here. He went home the next day. That was 6 weeks ago. I posted a picture about that earlier on this blog. He was back with his parents to visit. It was fun to meet them and visit.

Wednesday morning as we were getting up, Wayne looked out the window and saw this, (remember we are working afternoons.) These are missionaries from the Trujillo North mission. Immediately Wayne hurried and got dressed in his white clothes and hurried to the temple. I did too but not as fast as Wayne. They had come to do an early session at 7:30 and no one at the temple knew they were coming. Our first session doesn't start until 9:00 so this was a special session. Wayne and I were able to be the officiators for the session. Sister Hartman was there with me too. I was happy for her support. There were 41 missionaries in the session. It was just neat to stand in front of them and see the great army they are as Elders and Sister missionaries hastening the Lord's work.  I loved the spirit I felt.

Friday morning we went to immigration to get our paperwork processed. We need to have cards that say it is ok for us to be in Peru. Elder Heward has been helping us with that. I don't have a picture of that. Sorry.  Also Elder Heward said he would be coming to the temple that night with their council. Wayne was able to help with that.

Saturday the Fackrell's came to the temple. This picture is of them with Pres. Marler talking to some members. Pres. Marler is the mission president. The Fackrell's taught a sister in their area the temple lessons and she received her endowment. I was able to help her with this and it was so sweet. A wonderful spirit. The Fackrell's also helped some young kids from their area do baptisms. It was a busy long day for them.

Sunday was our area conference. We went to the Primavera Stake.  The meeting was very good. I still don't understand Spanish, but I could feel the spirit. Pres. Davila is the stake president (he is in the middle of the picture.) He was a missionary with Wayne here 40 years ago.  He spoke for the first 30 minutes of the conference before the area broadcast. He told his story about going to the temple with his wife. It took them 21 days to get to the temple to be sealed and then back home.  We are so blessed to live close to many temples.

Sister Pineda from New York and Sister Hidalgo from Lima Peru

Elder McEwan from Texas and Elder Cruz from Lima Peru

Sister Pineda and Elder McEwan sang Be Still My Soul at the conference. It was beautiful.

We are so blessed everyday to be a small part of the missionary work. I am so thankful for this time I can spend with Wayne and the beautiful Peruvian people.

Jan Haws

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hello from Peru

Hello everybody!

We had another great week.

I hope all is well with those of you who are following our adventures. 

Last Sunday we went to church at 8:00 and we stayed for the 10:00 meeting. The members are so loving and warm. Every ward we go to we see people who come to the temple or work in the temple. We exchange hugs and talk a little. It is so good to be in these meetings with the members. 

This is Sister South and Sister Roach, The sister on the right is their investigator,  Zoimy, her sister and niece.

 This is Sister Olson she is from Canada and Sister Beasley, she is from Georgia. Their investigator is Luana. She is almost 11 and is such a sweet girl. She loved my hugs. I told these sisters to let us know when Luana gets baptized so we can go.  As we visited with Sister Olson, Wayne figured out her Bishop in Canada, was here on his mission with Wayne 40 years ago. I thought that was neat. 

These next pictures are just random pictures of what we see as we come and go.

Last week for our Monday, we went to Chan Chan.  This is what Wikipedia says about it. If you want to find out more check it out. 

Chan Chan was constructed by theChimĂș, a late intermediate periodcivilization which grew out of the remnants of the Moche civilization. Theadobe city of Chan Chan, the largest in the world, was built around 850 CE and lasted until its conquest by the Inca Empire in 1470. It was the imperial capital where 30,000 people lived.

These are some of our pictures. 

It was amazing to see this city built out of mud. The visitor center was closed so we weren't able to get all the details about this amazing place. We enjoyed it. 

We went to lunch and met these Elders. They were fun to talk to. We always love seeing the young missionaries. 

Last Saturday October 10th Benson got baptized and Hank was blessed. We were able to be there through Skype. It was nice to feel the spirit of the meeting with all of our family there. I am proud of Benson for his good choice. 

October 15th was Crosby's Birthday. He is 2. It was fun to talk to him. 

We met Chris and Bonnie Victors at the temple yesterday. They are from Anchorage Alaska and have been back packing along the Inca trail for almost a month. Wayne gave them the address to the church and they joined us today. They work in the Anchorage temple. Maybe someday our paths will cross again. 

Monday the 12th was our 37th anniversary. WOW!  That has gone by fast. I love Wayne more and more. I have loved being his wife. Since we have been on our mission we have had a wonderful time doing almost everything together. The only time we are away from each other is when we are in the temple and we do our own assignments, but our paths cross a lot while we are there too. I am happy and loving each day. I think Wayne is happy too. I look forward to many more wonderful years with my best friend.

I hope you all have a great week!  We are all so blessed. 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Plaza de Armas if Trujillo

We had a great week.

Monday on our day off we decided to go to see the Plaza. I love this spot in Peru. For 37 years I have wanted to see this in person. Wayne has a picture of this when he was here as a young missionary 40 years ago. It is a pretty place in it's own way.

This is the Cathedral

It was windy

There is a McDonalds on the corner

The Plaza

I know this one is crooked but it shows the other side of the plaza.

Just off the plaza we walked down this lane. There were little shops on both sides. They were selling everything.

We went in a shop selling sewing machines. All of the machines were old. They had old typewriters and you can see the old adding machines. This My First Sony was for sell. I should have asked the price.  We had a fun day.

October 1st was my Mom and Dad's 68th wedding anniversary. I sure do love them. I am grateful they were great parents. I loved growing up with them and appreciate them for raising me in the Gospel. They planted the seeds for my testimony so many years ago and that testimony has given me the courage to serve this mission in the Trujillo Temple with Wayne. I can say I was born of goodly parents. Thanks Mom and Dad!

The memories

This weekend was conference. We were able to watch it in our apartment on Saturday with Elder and Sister Fackrell's from Bountiful. They are serving here as MLS missionaries. It was Elder Fackrell's birthday so I made Mom's Texas Fudge Cake and we had ice cream and cake for him. President and Sister Marler, Sister Angel, and Sister Vaughan came from the mission office. The missionary couples were here too. Sister Marler took the picture.

I really enjoyed the messages from conference. I know I have never watched each session like I did this time and I enjoyed it. I missed being home with the kids, noise, Legos, everybody, and making cinnamon rolls, for now that will have to wait.

We hope you all have a great week and that you ponder and remember the great messages of conference.  We will too.