Sunday, October 4, 2015

Plaza de Armas if Trujillo

We had a great week.

Monday on our day off we decided to go to see the Plaza. I love this spot in Peru. For 37 years I have wanted to see this in person. Wayne has a picture of this when he was here as a young missionary 40 years ago. It is a pretty place in it's own way.

This is the Cathedral

It was windy

There is a McDonalds on the corner

The Plaza

I know this one is crooked but it shows the other side of the plaza.

Just off the plaza we walked down this lane. There were little shops on both sides. They were selling everything.

We went in a shop selling sewing machines. All of the machines were old. They had old typewriters and you can see the old adding machines. This My First Sony was for sell. I should have asked the price.  We had a fun day.

October 1st was my Mom and Dad's 68th wedding anniversary. I sure do love them. I am grateful they were great parents. I loved growing up with them and appreciate them for raising me in the Gospel. They planted the seeds for my testimony so many years ago and that testimony has given me the courage to serve this mission in the Trujillo Temple with Wayne. I can say I was born of goodly parents. Thanks Mom and Dad!

The memories

This weekend was conference. We were able to watch it in our apartment on Saturday with Elder and Sister Fackrell's from Bountiful. They are serving here as MLS missionaries. It was Elder Fackrell's birthday so I made Mom's Texas Fudge Cake and we had ice cream and cake for him. President and Sister Marler, Sister Angel, and Sister Vaughan came from the mission office. The missionary couples were here too. Sister Marler took the picture.

I really enjoyed the messages from conference. I know I have never watched each session like I did this time and I enjoyed it. I missed being home with the kids, noise, Legos, everybody, and making cinnamon rolls, for now that will have to wait.

We hope you all have a great week and that you ponder and remember the great messages of conference.  We will too.

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