Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Birthdaween!!!

As was previosly mentioned we celebrated Dad's birthday this past Sunday. We also carved pumpkins. Everyones pumpkins turned out very well. Here is what everyone carved:

Tami - Jim Halpert and "Jones"

Nick - Dwight Schrute

Casey - Mario

Natalie - A cute face

Benson - "The Classic" (two triangle eyes and a mouth)

Becca - Elmo

McKenzie - Tux (the Linux Penguin)

Andy - The Earth

Here are some pictures I took. I will put them all on my MobileMe Gallery soon (they may be there so you should check). Enjoy!

Everyone cleaning their pumpkins

Casey Carving Mario (his arm was moving at the same frequency as my shutter)

Natalie teaching Benson knife safety

Benson helping and having a good time

Benson cleaning his first pumpkin

Benson again (admit it... he was the cutest one there)

McKenzie is apparently going to be a Chinawoman for Halloween

Benson with his first pumpkin and his first mom

Tami carving Jim Halpert (so if Tami has a crush on Jim and she carved him into a pumpkin, does that mean Nick has a crush on Dwight Schrute)

Everyone hard at work (Becca was sitting on the couch trying to figure out what to carve)

Andy is ambitious. He is carving the entire world on his pumpkin!!

Everyone and their finished pumpkins

Just the pumpkins

Cory and his budy "Stretch"

The birthday cake part 1 (Dad blew out the candles before we finished singing so I didn't get an action shot.)

The birthday cake part 2 (After Grandma and Granpa Barker got there Dad blew out the "55" candles again)


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Halloween & Birthday

Well, I will make this official...

For those of you that don't know, Dad's birthday is on Monday the 27th.
So, we are going to celebrate Dad's birthday on Sunday (the 26th) at Mom and Dad's house. Mom said she will make soup, but everybody try to bring something to help with the dinner if you can. We are also going to continue our annual tradition of carve pumpkins. But... if you would like to carve pumpkins, you will need to bring your own this year. I know, sounds like a pain, but can you imagine getting them for everyone...
Any questions?? Call mom for details. We will start around 5 or so maybe??? Ask mom for sure.
Love y'all.This was last year... sorry Dano. We'll miss you this year.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy 30th Anniversary Mom and Dad!

For those of you who aren't aware... today is Mom and Dad's 30th Wedding Anniversary.
Mom and Dad, I just want you to know how much I love you and look up to you. You are the best parents anyone could ever ask for, and I am so lucky to have you as parents. You are great examples and I really hope that I can be a good parent someday like you. Thanks not only for being my parents but for being some of my best friends.
I love you guys, and Congratulations on your 30th Wedding Anniversary!!!
Love, Tam & Nick

Friday, October 10, 2008

Craft Night Update

If it's ok with everyone, I think we will wait for Emily and Johnny to get here for our craft night/ LAN party.

I hope everyone is ok with doing those watches. Unless I hear otherwise, I will just plan on one watch face for each of you, in the pearl color (like mine and Shawnee's). If you want different colors, let me know and I can order them for you on the same order so we don't have to pay more for shipping. This is the website I ordered from, if you want to choose something different.

Also, I have figured out the total cost a little better:
Each watch face will be $6.30
Each watch band to make will be about $.75 (that's without beads).
I have enough stuff for about 50 watch bands total, so I think it is safe to say that everyone can make multiple watch bands if you want.

If you want to get your beads on your own, that's great. If not, we can all go shopping together someday and get our beads together.

Sorry to be so redundant. I know I've already talked to some of you about this, but I just wanted to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Monday, October 6, 2008

My new roomate

This is weird... me blogging... ewe gross! I must be turning into a girl. But anyway, McKenzie told me I should blog what happened last night. So I was sitting on my bed reading a cookbook about how to cook ducks and geese (I really must be turning into a girl). I saw something move out of the corner of my eye but when I looked I couldn't see anything. I shrugged it off, but then it happened again, but still nothing. A little bit later I got up to go to the bathroom. I saw it again so I took a closer look and this it what I found. (Sorry the pictures suck!)

A FROG!!!!!

I found a plastic bottle in the garbage so I cut it in half and put him outside in the flower bed.

So there it is... my first blog post. Now excuse me while I go throw up! If I was a real man I would have just eaten it! Bear Grills would have!

Craft Night/ LAN Party

We, here at my house, have been wondering when we are going to do our next craft night/ lan party.

I have some suggestions:

1. We could possibly start doing them at different people's houses, so we don't have to go to Mom & Dad's every time.

2. I would like to make something different than wood to hang on my wall or door. (Although I really love all of the things we've made)... Did you all see the watch I have with different beaded watch bands? I made one for Shawnee's birthday. Anyway, I think that might be really fun. My sister-in-law, Candace, makes them and sells them (that picture is some she made). They are so CUTE! (at least I think so)... They are really easy to make and would only cost about $5 for each watch face and about $3.00 for each watch band we made. We could all pick out our own beads so they would be exactly what we wanted. This place, Bumble Design sells them for over $16 per watch face and $27 for each watch band (see, so even if this craft ends up being over our $10 limit, it might be worth it.

Also, using the same watch face, you can make these really cute ribbon watches. They are SOOO easy to make and would probably cost less than $2.00 for each watch band we wanted to make. Once again, everyone could pick out their own ribbon to make their watch bands unique!
3. Casey just got a new graphics card (or something like that) and he really wants to play!

4. We could wait until Emily gets here in November to do it and maybe carve pumpkins in October, or we could do one in October and then again when Emily gets here, cause I'm pretty sure she'll want to participate.

Anyway, post a comment letting us know what you think. The only thing we, (the Dalpias clan) have to work around for October is the deer hunt from the 18th-26th.