Monday, October 6, 2008

My new roomate

This is weird... me blogging... ewe gross! I must be turning into a girl. But anyway, McKenzie told me I should blog what happened last night. So I was sitting on my bed reading a cookbook about how to cook ducks and geese (I really must be turning into a girl). I saw something move out of the corner of my eye but when I looked I couldn't see anything. I shrugged it off, but then it happened again, but still nothing. A little bit later I got up to go to the bathroom. I saw it again so I took a closer look and this it what I found. (Sorry the pictures suck!)

A FROG!!!!!

I found a plastic bottle in the garbage so I cut it in half and put him outside in the flower bed.

So there it is... my first blog post. Now excuse me while I go throw up! If I was a real man I would have just eaten it! Bear Grills would have!


Anonymous said...

Andy, I'm so proud of your first post! Well done!:) First you have hornets in your room & now you have frogs? Who would have thought? Lol!

Elder Haws said...

What? is that new carpet, i have frogs in my room too.

Jan Haws said...

No new carpet. Andy should have been reading how to cook frog legs. At least it was a tiny frog and I am proud of Andy for not shooting it or smashing it. What next?

Tami said...

Chunk, I'm proud of you for actually making a post. Adda Boy!
I can't believe there was a frog in your room! That makes me laugh!
Thanks for blogging, dude!

Nick said...

Andy you crack me up. I am sitting in the computer lab at school and it is all I could do not to burst out laughing. You’re so funny. I can’t help but smile.