Monday, October 6, 2008

Craft Night/ LAN Party

We, here at my house, have been wondering when we are going to do our next craft night/ lan party.

I have some suggestions:

1. We could possibly start doing them at different people's houses, so we don't have to go to Mom & Dad's every time.

2. I would like to make something different than wood to hang on my wall or door. (Although I really love all of the things we've made)... Did you all see the watch I have with different beaded watch bands? I made one for Shawnee's birthday. Anyway, I think that might be really fun. My sister-in-law, Candace, makes them and sells them (that picture is some she made). They are so CUTE! (at least I think so)... They are really easy to make and would only cost about $5 for each watch face and about $3.00 for each watch band we made. We could all pick out our own beads so they would be exactly what we wanted. This place, Bumble Design sells them for over $16 per watch face and $27 for each watch band (see, so even if this craft ends up being over our $10 limit, it might be worth it.

Also, using the same watch face, you can make these really cute ribbon watches. They are SOOO easy to make and would probably cost less than $2.00 for each watch band we wanted to make. Once again, everyone could pick out their own ribbon to make their watch bands unique!
3. Casey just got a new graphics card (or something like that) and he really wants to play!

4. We could wait until Emily gets here in November to do it and maybe carve pumpkins in October, or we could do one in October and then again when Emily gets here, cause I'm pretty sure she'll want to participate.

Anyway, post a comment letting us know what you think. The only thing we, (the Dalpias clan) have to work around for October is the deer hunt from the 18th-26th.


Anonymous said...

Those watches are so cute. I would love to make them!

Jan Haws said...

Do you have something against doing them at our house? They are cute watches.

Shanna said...

I also love the watches, and i think that we should wait for emily so that i have an excuse to come see her!!

Natalie said...

Oh Shanna, you are welcome anytime.

Tami said...

I agree with waiting for Em. (Maybe Emily doesn't want to do them though???) Cute!

Em Russ said...

So, I do think they are cute and want to make one. I was initially uninterested because I have a watch I like. Anyway, I want to point out that I am not coming until mid November. If you don't want to wait that long for me we could do another one when I get there and I could just make the watch when I am there. I could even maybe be in charge of the craft. Only maybe. and only if you don't want to wait for me...

(and, if you want to wait to do it until Johnny's there so he can take part in the LAN thing then it'll have to be after the 23rd -which is thanksgiving week... just some thoughts to think about.)