Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pickin' up Sticks

So I guess we made it sound like we cut the WHOLE tree down but we didn't. We only cut the west 1/2 of the tree down because it was dead. Mom is hopeful that the tree will grow back at least a little, but I'm pretty sure that it won't. Anyway, we finished up the whole clean up process on Monday night for family night. Here's who was there: Wayne, Jan, Cory, Becca, Tami, Natalie, Casey, Benson, and Andy. (Ronola and McKenzie came later and ate dinner with us all.)

Benson and Grandpa Otis
Loadin' up the trailer to haul it in the field to dump it.
Big Boy Benson standing up. He's been walking around like crazy!
This is the finished product. (Johnny this is for you.) Don't be disappointed that there wasn't much more destruction to the tree... sorry I explained it wrong.
The girls raking. Tami, Becca, Natalie, Mom

Dad put a fanny pack at the top of one of the trees. He says there's a reward for whoever gets it.
This was a hard picture to get. I had to walk over in front of the King's house to get the house and the tree in one picture.
When Dad was cutting down some of the big branches, one of them hit the slide and dented it. He fixed it though.
Nat, Becca, Tami
Dad and Benson again.
This is the only picture I have of the slide after Dad and Cory and fixed it. They did something else to it after this picture.
Pickin' up sticks again.
Cory made this little cat house for Becca's cat Panda. I thought it was so cute so I thought I'd let you all see it.
Benson and Grandma Jannie


Kenzi Dawn said...

Just for the record. I would have helped pick up sticks, but I was in class. It was just perfect timing that I showed up after all the hard work was done! ;)

Em Russ said...

uhm, exactly when do we expect the tree to fall over on the playground? It isn't looking too stable. (Not that I doubt your work, dad!!) And I'm glad to hear the slide is ok. I have some serious elementary school crushes engraved on the back/bottom of that thing!

Totally cute picture of dad & Benson.

Jan Haws said...

Thanks for documenting this Tami and thanks everybody, for all the help cleaning it up. It was cleaned up quickly. Always remember, "Many hands make light work"

Elder Haws said...

Hopefully the fanny pack is still there when i get home, cause i am allready formulating plans to get it down!! Well i will go back to being a missionary now