Thursday, September 29, 2016

- Brother Munsibay -

September 29, 2016

Today was a sad day at the temple.  Brother and Sister Munsibay are temple workers, they work on the Wednesday afternoon shift, so they worked yesterday.  We see them a lot and love them.  Brother Munsibqay is in the Bishopric in his ward and was at the temple this afternoon with the youth to do baptisms.

Wayne was the officiator and I was his follower for the 4:00 pm session. When our session was over, we noticed the spirit in the temple felt a little different.   Elder Gomez told Wayne that Brother Munsibay had a heart attack and passed away in the men's restroom.  This had happened while we were in the session. Wayne came and told me.  We were so sad and so were the workers in the temple who knew him.  I comforted a few women, including Sister Jesus and a lady who was in our session.  Wayne went to help.  They asked him to stay at the front desk as Carlos and Pedro and others attended to the situation.  They carried our friend out on a back board, and put him in the waiting room and closed the doors.  The guards, the police, the coroner, all came.  The mortuary people  came with a casket.  When they had taken care of what needed to be done, they took Brother Munsibay out of the temple.  He was a faithful temple worker and a wonderful members of the church.  I would describe him as a meek, humble man, very Christ like.  He will be missed.

Brother Munsibay is in the grey suit 

Written by Jan

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Squalos - Women's Conference - Los Cedros - FHE


Saturday afternoon we went to Squalos for lunch with Bill and Sandy Hartman.  We had a wonderful time together.

Saturday Night was the General Women's Conference.  I am so thankful for modern technology that makes it easy for us to watch and be a part of the conference.  It was a wonderful conference.  I especially liked President Uchdorf's message of having Faith.  I felt the spirit touch my heart as he spoke

Early Saturday morning, a big bus brought a bunch of members to the temple.  They were here all day participating in doing work for those who have passed on.  

While I was listening to the conference, Wayne went out to say goodbye as they loaded up and got ready to leave.

They had to wait for some people who were in Salavery to get back.  They were very late leaving.  They had an 8 hour bus ride to get home.

They finally headed out about 8:30 pm.

For our Sunday meetings, we decided to go to Los Cedros.  The meeting started at 10:30 am.  We arrived almost 30 minutes early.  President and Sister Marble were in the meeting.  We enjoyed the meeting.  There are a lot of temple workers in this ward and there are a lot who attend the temple from this ward, it was fun to see all of them.  I took these pictures.

This is just a cute little guy who sat by us.

 Diego is the engineer at the temple.  This is his little girl.

This is the family of Carlos Rodreguiz.  Carlos is the assistant recorder in the temple.

Diego is one of the temple engineers.  This is his mother in law. She is also Berta Briones sister.  Who is Berta Briones?  She served in Peru and was in Wayne's district when he was here 40 years ago.  After Berta finished her mission, she married Belisario Benites, who also served a mission in Peru.  Wayne was able to attend their wedding here in Trujillo 40 years ago. This was a fun connection to make.  Funny thing is that we see Diego and talk to him a lot and didn't know he is related to Berta.  It's such a small world.  Berta is coming to Trujillo in October.  Such a small world.

She works in the temple temple and she taught the Gospel Doctrine lesson.  I don't know her name.

We had a wonderful Sunday and enjoyed the afternoon relaxing.

On Monday, we went to Tottus in the morning to get a few groceries and we went to lunch at Chili's to have our usual Chicken Fried Chicken with Frozen Lemonade with Granadina.  We enjoyed the afternoon.  Later that night, we went to FHE with the couple missionaries.  Brother Guevara gave the session about Loving One Another.  We played a spin the bottle game where if the bottle landed pointing to you, you had to do a talent or stand as a statue and let those playing form the way to stand.  Sister Guevara made chocolate for our treat.  They were delicious.

Written by Jan

Alex's Birthday - Tornado - Snow


Thursday the 21st was Alex's 6th Birthday
Happy Birthday Alex!
We love you!

Friday the 22nd a tornado touched down in Washington Terrace by Tami and Nick's old house.  It was quite a storm.

Saturday Cory sent us pictures of the snow on the mountains.  We live in such a beautiful world!  
I have missed the different seasons. These mountains are beautiful!

We are so blessed to be serving in the Trujillo Temple.  It is a wonderful experience and we love being here.

Written by Jan

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Lunch with the Alvas

Sister Alva invited Wayne, me, Bill, and Sandy to have lunch at their house.  We had a fun afternoon!  Juan, Emma, and their youngest daughter are perfect examples of wonderful members of the church, we love them!  We had a wonderful time visiting, talking about all kinds of things.

Sister Alva served us Potato Salad, Aji de Gallina, and Mouse de Limon. It was DELICIOUS!  She is a really good cook.  She told us how she cooked for the missionaries for many years, which we knew because she cooked for Wayne 40 years ago.  She also did the missionaries laundry.  She said she stitched a different color of thread in each missionaries clothes so she could separate them as she pressed them and returned them.  Brother Alva was the custodian of the Palermo Ward building and also the branch president. He talked about the nice trees outside the chapel and said the reason they were so beautiful was because they were watered with holy water.  They are just great members and friends.

When we got ready to leave Brother Alva kept saying in English, "thanks for the visit."  I think he enjoyed the company.  It was a nice visit.  The food was delicious and the visit was great!  We love these old friends of Wayne's, and now ours. What a great blessing to share the afternoon with the Alva's.

As we were trying to get a taxi to go home,  we saw these Elders. Elder Alanoco from Bolivia and Elder Elliott from Plain City, he went to Fremont!  He know kids in our Ward, he said Braden Bingham was in his Seminary class at Fremont and they left about the same time to serve their missions. He's also a Ute fan. 🙂

We had a great afternoon with great friends and are so blessed.

Written by Jan

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Scenes of Trujillo


We love Peru!  We love Trujillo!  
These are pictures we took on the way home from church.

These are eggs

We love being here! We are so blessed!

Written by Jan

Trujillo East Stake Conference - 9/18/2016

Today we went with Bill and Sandy to the Trujillo East Stake Conference. It was a a wonderful meeting.

The Choir

The Congregation

These girls sang in the choir

Sister Danny Urtecho with Brother and Sister Jesus behind her

Brother Gudoy of the quorum of the seventy, President Tapia, us and the Hartmans

I don't know her name but she comes to the temple a lot. She's my friend.

Luz Bastos and her daughter

Sandy and Sister Urtecho

Sister Tapia and her daughters, granddaughter, and son in law. Their names all start with A.

Sister Malo and Sister Butikofer

Elders Garrison from Idaho, Elder Casco from I think Bolivia, Elder Perez from Chile, and Elder Ramerez from Iquitos.

I love being here and sharing all of this with Wayne, the many members and we have wonderful friends too!

Written by Jan