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FHE - Maximo Guerro & Witness Story 9/12/2016

FHE -  Maximo Guerro - Witness Story

Monday night we had family home evening with the temple missionaries with Pres. and Sister Casós.

The lesson was about 50 years of missionary work in Peru. He had Bill tell some experiences.  President Casós taught Bill Spanish and they served in the Andes mission together. They even flew here together.

Bill was able to open the area of La Esperanza as a young missionary.  He has a love for those people and that area today.  He's made some connections with people who were here then.

Pres. Casós talked about some of his experiences in Spanish so I don't know much about his stories.

Wayne was here 40 years ago.  He talked about the Palermo chapel, and some contacts he's made with people who were here then.  Wayne shared an experience he had on Saturday.

He (Wayne) had been thinking about Maximo Guerro and had tried to find him to make some contact with him, but wasn't been able to.  Wayne went to Machu Picchu with Brother Guerro who was a mission secretary when Wayne was here 40 years ago.  Saturday morning, Wayne had Carlos look up Brother Guerro in the church system.  He found out Brother Guerro lives in Lima and he found out Brother Guerro's ward.  That same morning, a sister came to the temple and as Wayne scanned her recomend, he noticed she was from Brother Guerro's ward in Lima.  Wayne told this sister to let Brother Guerro know he's trying to find him.

I had Wayne tell the story of the man we met in one of our sessions who knew Brother Sanchez, one of Wayne's only converts.  The story is in a previous post, but I will briefly tell it again.  One morning we were sitting in the front of the chapel in the temple waiting for our session to start.  Wayne was talking to me and mentioned that he wished he could just meet someone who knew someone he knew when he served here 40 years ago.  About 5 minutes later he asked a couple to be the witnesses for the session.  He visited with them and asked them where they were from.  They said San Martin de Poras in Lima.  Wayne asked if they knew Brother Antoro Sanchez?  The man said he did and told him Brother Sanchez was his bishop when he was a young man struggling to be active in the church and questioning a mission.  This man went on to tell Wayne that Brother Sanchez asked him if he'd read the Book of Mormon and he said he hadn't.  Brother Sanchez asked him to read it and he gave him some scriptures to read. He asked him to meet with him after 2 weeks.  The man did read the Book of Mormon and it changed his life.  He said he became very active and he served a mission.  This man was in our session with one of his converts who was going through the temple for the first time.    

It's such a small world with tender mercies and a great blessing as we're serving these wonderful people of Peru.

These are pictures from FHE and birthday for Sister Gomez and Pres. Cocallia.

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