Sunday, September 18, 2016

Trujillo East Stake Conference - 9/18/2016

Today we went with Bill and Sandy to the Trujillo East Stake Conference. It was a a wonderful meeting.

The Choir

The Congregation

These girls sang in the choir

Sister Danny Urtecho with Brother and Sister Jesus behind her

Brother Gudoy of the quorum of the seventy, President Tapia, us and the Hartmans

I don't know her name but she comes to the temple a lot. She's my friend.

Luz Bastos and her daughter

Sandy and Sister Urtecho

Sister Tapia and her daughters, granddaughter, and son in law. Their names all start with A.

Sister Malo and Sister Butikofer

Elders Garrison from Idaho, Elder Casco from I think Bolivia, Elder Perez from Chile, and Elder Ramerez from Iquitos.

I love being here and sharing all of this with Wayne, the many members and we have wonderful friends too!

Written by Jan

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