Thursday, September 29, 2016

- Brother Munsibay -

September 29, 2016

Today was a sad day at the temple.  Brother and Sister Munsibay are temple workers, they work on the Wednesday afternoon shift, so they worked yesterday.  We see them a lot and love them.  Brother Munsibqay is in the Bishopric in his ward and was at the temple this afternoon with the youth to do baptisms.

Wayne was the officiator and I was his follower for the 4:00 pm session. When our session was over, we noticed the spirit in the temple felt a little different.   Elder Gomez told Wayne that Brother Munsibay had a heart attack and passed away in the men's restroom.  This had happened while we were in the session. Wayne came and told me.  We were so sad and so were the workers in the temple who knew him.  I comforted a few women, including Sister Jesus and a lady who was in our session.  Wayne went to help.  They asked him to stay at the front desk as Carlos and Pedro and others attended to the situation.  They carried our friend out on a back board, and put him in the waiting room and closed the doors.  The guards, the police, the coroner, all came.  The mortuary people  came with a casket.  When they had taken care of what needed to be done, they took Brother Munsibay out of the temple.  He was a faithful temple worker and a wonderful members of the church.  I would describe him as a meek, humble man, very Christ like.  He will be missed.

Brother Munsibay is in the grey suit 

Written by Jan

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