Monday, September 12, 2016

The Mall Blue Footed Boobys

The Mall Blue Footed Boobys

While we were at the mall Monday,  we saw some missionaries.  We always love seeing the young missionaries.

Elders Ramirez-Barboza-Rojas-Mendoza.

Elder Mendoza told us he was from The Galápagos Islands, which he really isn't, but Sandy got all excited and asked him about "the blue footed boobies" they have there.  She excitedly kept asking about "the blue footed boobies."  Finally she realized that wasn't such a good thing to be saying to missionaries, and the missionary wasn't from the Galápagos Islands at all.  When we got home, Sandy sent me this picture.
These are the Blue Footed Boobies.

 Elder Turner from Laguna Beach and Elder Miessner from Georgia

Elder Montes and Elder Schesinger he's only been in Peru for 3 weeks.

It's so fun meeting and feeling the spirit the young Elders have with them. They are wonderful young missionaries.  😃

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