Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wax Paper Wonders

Earlier today, the Schiffman kids came over to enjoy the tower and slide, but they soon realized that the slide was not very fast. Some of the kids started pulling themselves down the slide by the traction on their shoes. Grandpa Ronald had the idea to go down the slide while sitting on wax paper to help slick up the slide. Well, I decided to try it. See the result for yourself...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day Festivities

Every year for Memorial Day, Darlene and Kenny throw a Memorial Day party for the Hawses at their house.  This year it was rainy and cold so we moved the party to Mom and Dad's house where there is lots of room.  Darlene had stuff for yummy hoagies and we all brought "pot luck" stuff and it turned out so yummy.  After we ate, we just hung out and some of us played Electronic Scrabble.  
 Danny, Brady, Barrett, Andy, and McKenzie
 Natalie, Benson, Casey, Shanna, and Nick playing electronic Scrabble
 Tami and Shawnee
 Kenny and Wayne 
(Drinking the delicious Lemonade that Darlene made)
 After dinner the little kids went and played upstairs.  The girls all ended up in the toy room with the Grandmas.
(Darlene, Carlee, Sophie, Molly, Jan)
 And the boys were shooting the fish with the Nerf guns. 
(Connor, Max, Brady, Barrett, Benson)
 Then we went down to the cemetery to put flowers on Grandpa Barrett's grave.  We tried to have Benson pose by himself but he was such a goof ball.  
Tami and Benson by Grandpa's grave.
Unfortunately we weren't able to have the bonfire that we had planned for later that evening because it had rained all day and was so cold so we are still waiting for a perfect time to have the bonfire so we can burn the old playground tower and other random garbage.  
Thanks for a fun day! We missed everyone who wasn't able to come!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Tower

End Of Day One

End Of Day Two