Saturday, July 8, 2017

Last Saturday

Last Saturday In Trujillo

Today is Saturday, the 8th, we had a good day.  Our last Saturday.
These are the pictures from today.

Brother Uceda is our friend.  He was a coordinator in the temple, but has been running the Alberge.

Sister who cook our lunch.  They weren't in the picture we took yesterday.  

Our last lunch at the comedor

Papa a la Huancaina - some kind of meat - rice - and beans
It's hard to believe we won't eat in the comedor again!

We worked the afternoon shift at the temple.  President Casos asked us to come to his office for an exit interview.  He talked to us for a little while and told us how much he has appreciated us, especially Wayne as he did so many different jobs to help.   He gave us a packet to give to the Stake President and released us.  I worked the shift, but Wayne went home and did some things.

When I finished my shift at the temple, I went to apartment. Wayne had left me a note letting me know he was at our spot in the front of the temple watching the cars go by.  I hurried and changed my clothes and joined him.

We talked, reminisced, and enjoyed the moment.  We both feel a little sad to be leaving such a  beautiful and spiritual place.  We've loved the spirit we feel here at our place we've called home for 23 month.  It has been a happy time but it's also a sad time.  

Huanchaco bus blurrrrr!

It was so nice to enjoy our last time sitting watching the cars, Huanchaco busses, and VW go by.  

 There was a special late temple session, so we both went back to help at the veil, one last time. 

Our days are getting short.  They have gone by almost too quickly. As I finish up today, I'm so grateful for the opportunity to have spent our mission in the temple with Wayne.  We've said it so many times and I'll say it again, "it will never be the same."  

Buenas Noches

Friday, July 7, 2017

Friday Morning Walk

Friday Morning Walk

This morning we went for a walk to the Parque Eterno Cemetery next to the temple.  It's a very beautiful cemetery, with lots of flowers and it's
very well maintained.  

Brother Azabache's grave

The temple from the cemetery side

The temple behind us from Parque Eterno
We got in trouble for taking this picture.  The guy said we are not allowed to take pictures.

We also walked to the mall, saw this along the way.

They were working on the poles at the intersection by the mall.  If we come back to Trujillo,  this will be different.  

We went in Tottus one last time to get some eggs for me to make cookies tomorrow.  I got a few treats for our trip home.  

The corner by Tottus 

We had lunch in the comedor.  These are the Sisters who cook our food every afternoon.  They've become our friends  They especially like Wayne because he always talks to them about the food.  

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Tallarines Verde
The gardener - Freddy - Wayne - Consuelo - ? a guy that cleans - Anita

These sisters work in the Distribution Center.  Melody is the one in the pink.

This was our last Friday of our misson!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Independence Day * Sister Florez * Chicken King * Happy Birthday Luke

Independance DAY

Today was a normal day at the temple.  We worked on the afternoon shift.  It's the last Tuesday we'll serve in the Trujillo Temple.  

Sister Florez and her Grand Daughter

Sister Florez came to tell us goodbye.  She brought us a clay Peru scene with pots and a fence type thing.  It was so nice of her to think about us.   I love Sister Florez, she worked on the Tuesday morning shift and Thursday morning shift.  She always makes me laugh with her sense of humor.  She is very loving and kind.  I will miss her.

After our afternoon temple shift, Sister Vilma Cotrina told us a few of them wanted us to meet them downstairs,  they had something planned to say goodbye.  We thought they might give us something, but they wanted to take us to dinner.  We rode in a taxi with Sister Zavaleta and her husband who is a taxi driver.  Sister Vilma Cotrina Acino, Sister Mesa, and Sister Carbahal rode in a different taxi.  They took us to Chicken King for dinner.  It was very good food with a band playing.   We had an enjoyable time.  Sister Zavaleta put a silver daisy bracelet on my wrist and told me she wanted me to remember her.  I will never forget her or the other sweet sisters.  We love them all. 

Sisters Carbahal, Acino, Mesa, Wayne, Me, Sister Zavaleta, Brother Zavaleta

The Sagastagui family was there eating too.  

After a wonderful day and night, we were sitting watching TV when we heard fireworks.  Hooray!!  It was so neat that even thought we are in Peru, we still get to see fireworks on the 4th of July.  It was a perfect ending!!

Today is Luke's 6th Birthday

Happy Birthday Luke!
We Love You!

Monday, July 3, 2017

3rd of July

Monday July 3rd 2017

Today is our day off, so Sister Casos invited us all to her apartment for a 4th of July celebration.  She invited the missionaries couples, the temple presidency,  President and Sister Marble of the North mission, and the Bentley's

This was the going away party for us and the Gomez.  We go home on the 10th and the Gomez go home on the 17th. I have included pictures pf the celebration.

President and Sister Marble

Los Wood and Gomez

Los Gomez, Sister Bentley, Sisters Guevara, Coacalla, and Diaz
Behind are Brothers  Bentley, Geuvara,  and Coacalla

We had hamburgers and hot dogs

Sister Cocalla  brought Tamales

Sister Gomez looking over the food, I made the potato salad

The desserts, pumpkin pie, Apple pie, Brownies, cheese cake.

Sister Guevara helping Los Casos dish up the desserts.

Brother Gomez and Brother Guevarra

Los Wood talking to Brother Bentley

Wayne and President Casos

Sisters Bentley and Guevara

Los Haws and Los Gomez

Los Diaz and Los Haws

Los Haws and Los Wood

President Casos talking to President Marble

We had a wonderful time.  It was so nice of Sister Casos to plan it for us Americans.  She has been so kind to us and she succeeds as she serves us.  

We had a good lunch and enjoyed visiting with these people we've served with.  You grow to love the ones you serve and serve with.  It is so true.  We love these couples and feel so blessed to have been able to serve our mission with them.  We still miss Bill and Sandy Hartman everyday.  They would have enjoyed the party.