Thursday, November 23, 2017

Wednesday Nov. 22nd and Thanksgiving Day

November 22, 2017

It was nice to have one more night in Trujillo.  Our morning was enjoyable.  
While we were waiting for the time to leave, Oscar had some issues with the drain plugging on a tub in one of the matrimonial suites.  He came and asked Wayne about ours, as a result, ALL of the drain plugs in the tubs of ALL the apartments were installed wrong.  Wayne helped Oscar fix ALL of them.  Another little task fixed because of Wayne being a handyman. 

This picture is one of my favorites!  We didn't take a picture of us in front of the temple, so this one will do. (It was taken July 9, 2017, the last night of our 23 month mission in Trujillo.)

Oscar drove us to the airport, our flight was on time and we were on our way back to Utah!
We arrived at the airport with all of the other people who weren't able to fly out the night before.

Waiting in the Trujillo Airport 

Looking back at the Trujillo Airport

The burned plane they practice putting out fires on

Leaving Trujillo

Arriving in Lima

Fishing Boats

We arrived in Lima with a long layover.  We hung out up by McDonald's for a while and had some lunch. We found a place on the street level where there were a lot of nice seats to relax while we waited for our flight time to get closer, we didn't want to go to the gate because a gate hadn't
been assigned and once we were in the gate area, we wouldn't be able to get back to the shops and food court, it was comfortable and the time passed quickly.  

We walked outside to see the sights one last time.  

The food court by Mc Donalds where we hung out while we waited to leave Lima

Wayne got a text from Oscar, we left our Ice Cream.

Boarding the plane to leave Lima

We flew to Atlanta, then to Salt Lake arriving at 1:00 pm.  Brady and the boys were there to drive us home.  We were so happy to be home in Hooper, just in time for our Thanksgiving dinner with our family!

Nick cooked the turkey. 
It was delicious!

The delicious food
Peruvian soccer jersey being worn by Wayne

We are so blessed to have such a wonderful family.  We keep growing and now there are 38 of us total.   I love US!  

Emily, Johnny, Lila, Abby, Zack, Alex, George, Blake
Brady, Shawnee, Barrett, Finley, Duncan
Tami, Nick, Luke, Crew, Alice, Jayne
Natalie, Casey, Benson, Molly, Jack, Hank
Andy, McKenzie, Addilyn, Mack, Hazel
Danny, Shanna, Crosby, Nora, New Baby Boy in April
Wayne and Jan

RoNola came to eat with us, Emily had sick kids, so they stayed home. 

We had a great Thanksgiving dinner!
We are SOOOO Blessed!!

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