Monday, November 6, 2017

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November 6, 2017

Today was a day for helping.  This morning early Wayne went to help Matt Taylor with the computers.  Matt is in our ward in Hooper and he works for the church.  They've had some issues with the computers here at the temple.  Matt was happy when he heard we were going to be here because he knew Wayne's help would make fixing the problems easier.  

Wayne spent all morning working on this with Matt and Oscar.  He face timed, moved wires, did this and that and when all was said and done, they accomplished what Matt said would have taken them 5 days to do without Wayne's help.  We all know how handy Wayne is and his talents are never ending.  It was good he was able to help. 

These are some of the pictures Wayne took.  They don't mean much to me but I thought I should document it.  


The Mall
We walked to the mall with Morris and Chio to have lunch at Chili's   We enjoyed walking down the streets of Trujillo again.  Seeing all the little shops along the way and the people who live in the houses.  They even have watermelons again.  

As soon as we got to the mall, we saw missionaries.  We were so happy to see them and so happy to see Sister Tyeke.

Fuller * Bedamonte * Gonzales * Tyacke

When we got to Chili's we saw these Elders. They were there getting Chicken Fired Chicken too.

Elder Torres * Elder Brady * Elder Vassau * Elder ???

Elder Garrison and his companion came in with some members to have Chicken Fired Chicken too.

Elder Garrison in the back with some members.

When we got to Tottus, we saw these sisters.  We were so happy to see missionaries at the mall.  We asked why they got to go to the mall and the response was that they have a new mission president and he lets them come to the mall.  It was fun to see so many missionaries.  If we'd have gone to the food court, we'd probably seen more.  

Sister Farar and Sister Cortez

After we got home from the mall, we worked on the Christmas gifts for the missionaries again.  We were able to get them finished up and ready for the missionaries.  It was so fun to do this to help the missionary moms and the missionaries.  The best part of it all was that it was something Wayne and I did together.  It touched my heart that Wayne cared and wanted to help with this project.  
We are so blessed!  All because we served our temple mission here in Trujillo.  

List of stuff in the missionary stocking
Wayne emptied the plastic bag and put all the stuff in the Christmas stocking

Stuff + Stocking + Shirt = Package
I folded the shirts, put them with the stocking and put it back in the plastic bag.with the size of the shirt showing.   I used the red and green tulle twist tie to close the bag up.  They looked pretty cute.

Missionary package

All ready to go!
This is the piles of different sizes of shirts.  
One chair has size Small the other has size XXL .  
The pile in front of the two chairs are size XL 
The blue bags have size Large 
The size Medium are in front of the blue bags.

The missionary moms had made a little package for the Rios girls, Anne and Camilla.  They sent them each a Minki blanket with some other little necklaces and stuff like was in the missionary stockings.  They also got a shirt.  I put some candy in the toe of the stocking with some tooth brushes and a shirt.  Then I slid the blanket on top with the tag hanging out.

Stockings for the Anne and Camilla  the package for President and Sister Rios with the stockings attached.

All ready to go

The missionary moms sent president and Sister Rios a special little package, so I put some candy in the toe of the stocking with some toothbrushes and put a shirt on top. I made a Christmas Tree tag with each of their names.  I tied the stockings together with the ribbon on the special package and attached it all together.  I loved how it all looked.

I was very happy with how it all turned out.  We sent pictures to Sister Weeks and Angelee to show them what we did.  They were surprised, but happy.  They said the sister missionaries were going to stuff the stockings.  They were glad we did what we did.  It would have taken the sisters a while to have accomplished this.  I'm so glad we did it and were able to help.  

It makes me in the Christmas spirit.  

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