Monday, November 20, 2017

Monday Continued

Monday Continued
November 20, 2017

Fun with Selfies
On our way to lunch, Wayne and I stopped and took these selfies at the same time, each of us with our own phones.  The brighter pictures were taken by Wayne, the faded ones were taken by me.  I guess Wayne has the better camera.

We rode the Huanchaco bus to the mall ....

stopped at Inkafarma....

then to Chili's for lunch and had the usual.  

Stopped to get an ice cream cone at McDonald's

Rode the Huanchaco bus back. 

When we got back, Wayne went back to finish helping his friends.

Freddy * Miguel * Oscar

Tonight is our last night here, so we went and sat at the front of the temple as the cars drove by.  At 9:00 pm, we decided to go to the mall and get a Chili's Molten Chocolate Cake.  

It was delicious and we were so glad we went.

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