Thursday, November 16, 2017

Peru Open Cup * Huanchaco * Justice League

November 16, 2017

Peru won the game last night with New Zealand.  This qualified them to play in the Open Cup in Russia 2018!!
We had so much fun watching the game and were so happy when they won.  It was fun to listen to the noises outside, horns honking, fire works, cheering and whistling.  It was just really neat.  If we'd have been home, we wouldn't have known this was even going on..  So fun to be a little part of it.  

Wayne has spent a lot of time working with the name badge machine,  trying to get it to be easy for Pedro, Oscar, and Freddy to make badges.  He spent the morning working with that.  
Wayne wore his Peru soccer shirt again today.  It's fun to get the reactions from Peruvians as he walks past them. it is really neat.
We were going to do sealings in the temple, but all of the names weren't complete, so we decided to go to Huanchaco instead.  We rode the Huanchaco bus to Huanchaco.  I wanted to see the ocean again before we go home, so we headed out. 

This picture was taken on the but, you can see us in the mirror in front of the driver.

The pier

Along the beach are the fishing boats lined up with nets and buckets attached, waiting to be taken out for fishing.

We only bought one little souvenir.  When I saw this little llama, I knew it needed to join their herd.  They only had one or I'd have gotten one for me too. 

It's just little, about an inch and a half tall.  I thought it was so cute.   

Some people on the beach

Wayne decide we'd have lunch there, so we went to Big Ben.  It was a very nice place to eat.  Very fancy!

Inside were replicas of the ruins in Trujillo

Wayne standing by the wall with the ruin replicas

We ate on the balcony of the third floor so we had a nice view of the ocean and the surrounding area. 

Enjoying the view

Grilled chicken breast

Grilled Fish of some sort.
We had a lovely lunch.  It was pricey, but I so enjoyed the view, the smells, and the ocean waves, but most of all being there with Wayne!  He has been such a great blessing to me.  I love him!

They gave us these little boat key chains as a souvenir. 

Caballitos de totora

This is what the internet says about these reed boats.
Caballitos de totora are reed watercraft used by fishermen in Peru for the past 3000 years, archaeologically evidenced from pottery shards. Named for the way they are ridden, straddled ('little reed horses' in English), fishermen use them to transport their nets and collect fish in their inner cavity. The name is not the original name, as horses were not introduced to South America until after the Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire. They are made from the same reed, the totora, used by the Uru people on Lake Titicaca.
Fishermen in the port town of Huanchaco famously, still use these vessels to this day, riding the waves back into shore.

We rode the Huanchaco bus back to the temple.  

Not at all like the playground we have at our house.

We were so happy to see Brother ?? and Brother Nunez!   I really wanted this picture.  Brother Nunez seems frail, he is a great man.  
Us with the guard.  

I was so happy for this picture too.  We love Brother Bustamonte.  We always tease about the way Brother Hartman says his name.  Bustamente, that's why Wayne is laughing ion this picture.   

Some sisters

We went in the comedor to see who was in there.  We didn't eat,but we got some pictures.

Vilma Wayne and Carman

At 3:30 we left with the Woods to go see The Justice League movie at the Real Plaza Mall.  

We saw Diego Palma, his wife and daughter and his mother.  So fun to see his whole family.  

Diego's wife is expecting a little girl her due date is Monday.

Diego's little girl.

We enjoyed the movie!! It was nice to be in a nice theater with good friends.

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