Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Badge Machine * Comedor * Pardos

Nov. 8th 2017

Today had been a quiet day for me but a busy day for Wayne.  I've been blogging while Wayne has been helping to get the name badge machine working.  Last week before we came to Peru, Wayne went to Salt Lake and visited the place that sells the name badge maker.  They showed him how it works and some tips on how to makes the badges.  This business card is for the man that taught Wayne how to use the machine.   

Wayne said they made about 60 name badges so now it works great.  The funny thing is, about a year ago they couldn't get it to work, so President Casos told them to order a new machine.  The cost is  $8000.00.  The new machine arrived in Trujillo a few days before we did. Now they have two machines. 
He took a break and we ate lunch downstairs in the comedor.  We had Aji de Gallina, which is one of the Peruvian dishes we really like we also had a lettuce salad.   It tasted familiar and good.

These are some of the temple workers there eating too.  

Brother Uceda and Sister Danny Urtecho

We are going someplace for dinner tonight.  Wonder where?

We walked to the mall for dinner.  The air was cool with a gentle breeze blowing off the ocean.  I took this picture of the temple, I don't think we've ever taken one from this side, maybe because the fence is in the way.  It is always so pretty.

This store took the place of the Dunkin Donuts

We ate dinner at Pardos and had Pollo a la Abrasa it was yummy! 

It was delicious and we enjoyed it all even the frozen lemonade.

We walked back to the temple after dinner.  Nothing much has changed.  We passed Sister Ponciano as we walked back and the Luperdi's and Velasquez were crossing the street to get a taxi, we ran to see them before they got in the taxi.  They were so happy and excited to see us and we were excited to see them.  So much fun and love.

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