Friday, November 17, 2017

Sealings * Session * Pardo's Chicken

November 17, 2017

This morning Wayne went to the temple to work on making name badges and he made a book of instructions for them to use the machine.  Wayne has spent a lot of time getting this figures out and I heard him say a few times that it was worth the trip so he could figure the engraving machine out.  Mission accomplished.  

We ate lunch in the comedor.  It will be the last lunch we eat there.  Tomorrow is Saturday and there are going to be a lot of people coming,  so we will go someplace else to eat tomorrow.

We went to the temple at 4:00 to do sealings and at 6:00 we were going to go to the session with Amy, Anali, and Nicole.  We have a bunch of people to seal.  When we got there, they said we'd have to wait until after the veil which would make it be about 5:00 pm.  What do you do?   We waited,  while we waited, we greeted the workers on that shift.  So fun to see our old friends.   Brother Guevara was the sealer, so at about 5:15 we started the sealings and didn't get very many done before we needed to go for the session.  

We attended the 6:00 session with Amy, Anali, and Nicole.  It was a good session.  Brother Ramero was in it too.  There were 5 men and 5 women.  Wayne and I were the witness couple.  

After the temple session, we decided to go eat with the girls.  Amy drove her car, so we all rode with her to Pardo's for Pollo a la Brasa.  It was a nice meal with great company.  We enjoyed the evening with the girls.  There is a sweet connection we will always share with Amy, Anali, and Nicole.  

Nicole gave us there cute gifts she and her mom made for us.  So sweet of them.  

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