Friday, November 10, 2017

Soccer * Carmen * Comedor * Plaza * Prime Theater * Elder Heward

Nov 10, 2017

Tonight the Peru soccer team played New Zealand for a spot top go to the World Cup in Russia.  It is a big thing here.  People were selling shirts everywhere.  Wayne bought his while we were in Lima because he wanted to show his support for the team. He got quite good reactions as he walked around the temple grounds and through the streets during the day.  the game doesn't start until late tonight.

Wayne and Elmer

Carmen with her two volunteers were putting up this Christmas tree.  Carmen said Pedro tole them to put it up here in the common area for the missionaries.  I think it's kind off funny because the only missionaries up here are the woods.  I gave them our little Christmas tree so they'll be putting it up in their apartment.  Anyway it was fun top see them and get pictures.  

Carmen Armas

This is the sign for the menu in the comedor.  We ate our lunch there. 


Brother and Sister Guevara

New shelves on the lunch counter

Lunch Counter

Cooking the fooed


Sister Carre she takes money and helps

New vending machines

This little sister was sitting in the entry of the door to the comedor.  She had been to the temple doing baptisms.  She did some of our family names.

These young men had been to the temple doing baptisms.  They did some of our family names for us.  

After lunch, we went to the Plaza.  We wanted to see what was going on and to see if there was a celebration going on before the soccer game.  We found this.  The whole plaza is being remodeled getting ready for the Pope to come Jan. 20th 2018.  There was no celebration.

Because Wayne is so tall, he was able to see over the fence and got a few picutres

We walked up the pedestrian street looking for the shop that sells nativities, found it but not the nativity we need.  We wanted to go to the Real Mall to get tickets for The Justice League on the 16th, It's coming to the theater in English. The Woods want to see it too, so we got 4 tickets.

PRIME ticket counter

Ticket counter

Our Seats, the 4 together

This was on the wall that goes up by the escalator.

I took a picture of this restaurant, only to find you can see me in the reflection taking the picture.  Pretty funny!

Tonight was Elder Will Heward's wedding Reception. 

We weren't able to go because we are in Trujillo.  Funny that Trujillo is where we met Elder Heward and the friends in the other pictures.  Now we are here and they are there.  Oh well Bill and Sandy Hartman went and sent us these pictures.  

Will and Carley

Ben Haake * Dallas Bond * Nonetta Vaughn * Sandy Angell * Sandy Hartman * Kyler Olsen, Bill Hartman
We got a message from Jim and Patti Fackrell and they went to the reception too.  Sad we missed it.  

Kyler Olsen and his girlfriend Ali

Peru and New Zealand tied 0-0.  Now they come back and play in Lima on the 15th.  

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