Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Opening a Mission Call * Dinner with Bentley's

Nov.14th 2017

This morning Wayne and I went to the temple and did a session for some family names.  it was a great session for us to be in.  Sister Leon and Sister Valdivia were the segadoras with Brother Obesso officiating. There were two men including Wayne, two sisters including me, and 3 obreras.  We enjoyed being there and feeling the spirit in the temple.  We were able to see some of our temple friends too. It was nice.  We love the Trujillo Temple!

Recommend Desk


Instruction Room

Waiting Area outside the Celestial Room and Instruction Room

Celestial Room

We ate lunch in the comedor then spent the afternoon doing much of nothing.  Someone left two magazines by our door, HGTV and another one about house re decorating.  I read and looked through the HGTV one while Wayne watched a show. It's nice to not really have anything we needed to go do.  At 6:00 pm we needed to be at the Primavera church.  we were going to dinner with them for their last night.  They go home tomorrow night.

When we got to the church, the Bentley's were waiting for sister Kirtland Nauvoo Pezo Obesso, who is in their ward,  to open her mission call.  We were happy to join the party.  We were really happy when we saw Sister Solis sitting there, she is Kirtland Nauvoo's grandma.  We love Sister Solis!

Brother and Sister Bentley sitting by Kirtland Nauvoo, her brother is behind.

The mission call

Kirtland Nauvoo 

Reading!!! She is going to the Phoenix Arizona mission.. in March.

Showing her friends her mission call and the book with instructions

Brother and Sister Bentley and us with Kirtland Nauvoo

Bentley's * Kirtland Nauvoo * Her Brother * her Sister * Her Mom *
Behind-- Brother Bentley * Grandpa * Her Older Brother * Her Mom * Me * Wayne * Sister Solis

Brother Romero was her missionary prep. teacher

President Davila is her stake president.  He came to meetings and stopped in join the celebration.

We love Brother Romero.  he stopped in.  He works in the temple on Saturday mornings and he often stays and helps in the afternoon too.  He teaches Missionary prep classes and taught Kirtland Nauvoo.

 She will be a great missionary! 

After the mission call opening, we went with the Bentley's to the mall and had dinner at Chili's.  We both got Chicken Tacos and enjoyed visiting.  We talked a lot about serving as mission office missionaries.  Who knows, we might do that sometime.  We had another great day in Trujillo. 

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