Monday, November 20, 2017


November 20, 2017

It's Monday!  We don't have anything we really need to do today, except eat lunch at Chili's, so we spent the morning catching up on a few things and I've been able to do more blogging.  Wayne has gone to help Oscar.   I'm so glad he has been here to help with things, especially the name badge engraver.  He's spent a lot of hours with the machine making badges and trying to help the workers know how to make the machine work all the time.  He spent a day on his phone with Matt Taylor in Salt Lake, helping to straighten out and clean up the computer system with them in Salt Lake.  Wayne is just a handy guy with great common sense and a talent to be able to figure stuff out.  

I've watched him visit and mingle with members in different wards and here at the temple, He has many many many friends!  Everyone loves him,  from the grounds people, to the guards, to the cooks, the cleaning people, the temple workers, and the members who have come and gone.  He's talked and talked to them all in Spanish.  How can I not love this?  I have loved it, ALL!  

This morning Wayne wrote this email to one of our friends.  I want to share it.  

We are having such a good time.  Even though we go home tomorrow, we feel no rush or urgency to get anything done.  I have not counted down the days like I did last time.  This has been such a good visit.

The Fackrell are in Hawaii.  But I said to Jan yesterday that this has been as nice a vacation for us as if we had gone to Hawaii.  No pressures.  Not time limits.

We are in our own apartment.  No one has been here since we left.  It is just as we left it.  It feels like home.  I can walk through in the dark.  The refrigerator is still too noisy.   We have enjoyed the food.

I have a roster of the temple workers and as I go down it I only see maybe two that we have not reconnected with here.  We have such feelings for these people and they for us.

We went with the Wood to the movie, Justice League, in English with Spanish subtitles.  We have been to Chili's a few times.  We have had pollo ala brasa twice.  We haven't had any pizza, strangely enough.

We went to dinner with the Bentley and then we went with them to the airport.  They have almost persuaded us that maybe our next mission might be in a mission office.  We shall see.  Jan's parents will soon be 91, so I don't think we will leave until they have gone.

President and Sister Casos should be coming home (back here) today.  They have been in the US for the birth of their grandchild, which we haven't heard if he has been born yet.

All in all this has been a wonderful trip.  We are renewed and now we go back home with a new list of things we want to do and grandchildren and kids who we hope have missed us.

We've been able to do some family names in several sessions, sealings, initiatory and shared the quiet peace we feel in the Celestial room of the beautiful Trujillo temple.  We've met most of the temple workers and the temple presidency.  We've been to all the places we wanted to go.  Wayne even let me buy some more Peruvian souvenirs.  We are ready to go home, to get back to life and enjoy our family and home.  It will be nice to have things to do, projects to work on, meals to cook, kids to talk to, and grand children to hold and love.

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks, and right now is a great time to give thanks for the opportunity Wayne and I had to serve a mission in the Trujillo Temple and to come back 4 months later as if we'd never left.  It had impacted our lives in ways only we know and some ways we don't know. We have been so blessed!


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